2022 Year in Review: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

For those accustomed to doing many things, it’s crucial to do a 2022 review as this allows us to decide what we will let go of.


2022 year in review, the bad, the good and the ugly, of the year 2022  (laughing in Paris) – I had a feeling that I really did well, that this year was so good to me even though it might not seem like it as my main goal was to save up for novellisteer self-hosting through digital products and becoming a freelancer.

You know my brain keeps telling me, that I had achieved something but for the life of my short memory, I have to source out my daily page and journal to write out something. This will actually be in a listicle, breaking it down 3 parts rather than monthly.

The year 2022, started with many hopes and expectations, dreams and the need to accomplish that which I had written down – even with all the planning certain things happened that were out of control, like falling sick, the ASUU strike and the freelance expectation.

Before Christmas, I thought of going on a three-week break just to pull myself away from everything and focus on doing nothing yet for whatever reason my brain could not take a break. I found myself getting pulled back into work, checking on things and making sure things are not left unsaid. 

While I did pledge to myself to start writing a year in review for you (my loves), it was something I wanted so much to pull back from and as luck will have it I never did mention it in any of the blog posts or podcast about doing one so it was easy for me not to go ahead, but I made a promise (not that am good at keeping one or even making one).

Since I made the decision to build novellisteer as a brand, and a lot of changes will be coming over novellisteer, I thought it only right for you to read a post where I share the good, the bad and the ugly part of each year, as it is important to look back at those time and really let all of the lessons and learnings sink in and make a decision about what we want to let go of as we enter the New Year.

The Bad

The Bad to me, is an event that happens which is out of my control, but it did not largely impact my life or the ambition I set up for that year.

  • Did not finish my Master, cause schools went on strike for eight month
  • Did not grow Growth Buddies based on the key result that was set.
  • Did not get any freelance clients.
  • Was not able to relocate to another state.
  • Was not able to set up a cybersecurity lab.
  • Was not able to monetize the novellisteer website.
  • Was not able to source for a Japanese stationery company.
  • Did not travel to Singapore.
  • Was not able to make any Nigerian blogger friends.
  • Took a long unexpected break from the podcast.
  • The website did not grow in terms of organic reach.
  • Did not get a cyber security 9 to 5 job.
  • Got quite a number of discovery calls, which did not move forward.
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The Ugly

The ugly mentioned here is an event that occurs which largely impacts my life and stresses me out leading to me replanning those objectives which I set for the year.

  • Was not able to save up to 40% of the money for novellisteer self-hosting.
  • Did not make any sale for novellisteer digital product.
  • I experienced uvulitis so frequently that, I started to think negatively.
  • Did not publish any paper in a journal.
  • Lost a lot of opportunities because I live in Nigeria.

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The Good

The good here are those events that occur which align with my objective for the year, the key result that I had set or the ambition I had for the year.

  • Was able to open a domiciliary account and collect the debit card.
  • Healed from my trauma and start buying physical books.
  • Made 1 consistent friend, one that we understand each other so well and with no judgment.
  • Got my first paying job as a community manager.
  • Was able to start my first stream of income.
  • Enrolled and finished two courses on HubSpot (SEO and Content Marketing).
  • Passed the SEO and Content Marketing exam on HubSpot.
  • Create digital products as a way of generating revenue for novellisteer.
  • Offered a multipotentialite clarity consultation and consulted 5 people for free.
  • Won a scholarship for the community MBA and passed the exam.
  • Finally decided on how to make my formal education useful (by merging cybersecurity and marketing).
  • Enrolled in Datacamp machine learning and work on so many projects as this will help with my thesis.
  • Created more than 30 pieces of short content on Tiktok for novellisteer and Damiel Badra.
  • Started a YouTube channel for Novellisteer with 2 long videos and 10 short videos.
  • Overcome my fear, and invest in skincare products.
  • Invested a little in real estate via Risevest.
  • Attended a physical cybersecurity event.
  • Enrolled in a cybersecurity boot camp and pass the exam.
  • Watched a lot of great Asian dramas and was consistent with the communities.
  • Got depressed only four times this year.
  • Invested a little in the mutual funds via Cowryrise.
  • Hosted a cybersecurity awareness workshop.
  • Created a ‘remote security and best practices guide
  • Host 47 twitter events, got over 300 people to attend.
  • Got an office, build for me. Need to save up so I can set up a high-tech lab.

10 Lessons Learned in 2022

  1. Sometimes, you have to stop asking for help when no one has lent you a hand.
  2. Maybe, just maybe you are the problem if people keep taking you for granted.
  3. It’s time you accept that having a professional therapist is not for you.
  4. Sometimes, you have to search for the answer yourself.
  5. Memories are in different forms, find out what works for you.
  6. Journals are not meant to be only written at a specific time.
  7. Accepting that your self-confidence comes from colour is nothing to be ashamed of.
  8. You being bad at something, does not mean you need to learn to be good at it.
  9. Their things can never be your things.
  10. When people tell you they want you to be sincere, what they want is for you to pet them while being sincere.

What I’m Leaving in 2022:

  • Doing everything at once rather than in segments.
  • That if it looks good on another, it will look good on me.
  • The idea, I have to build in public or learn in public.
  • Overworking.
  • Not putting money as one of my ambitions.
  • Leaving my comfort zone because of someone.

The end can be special or toxic depending on your environment or the pressure you are in during that period, which is one of the many reasons that I always plan for the next year in October – like girl, I spent 4 weeks planning, strategist, reviewing, and redoing my plan just to make sure I get everything I wanted writing down and what I wrote down is actually what I desire. 

There you have it! My 2022 review!

Thank you for being a part of our community this year. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to connect with you and look forward to seeing you thrive in 2023 and beyond!

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Let Chat

  • What is the lesson you learn in 2022?
  • What are you grateful for as we are entering 2023?
  • What do you want to see more of for novellisteer?

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