Hey there! I'M Nafisa 

The creator of Novellisteer! my friends called me Damiel and I am a content creator, strategist, entrepreneur and student of life.

I make videos, host a podcast, write blog post, sell product work as a content strategist and tech educator at Damiel Badra.

Yes, am all this and more, the thing is I have always been a busy being and I knew that am novel, like I need to work hard at everything I do to get to the average minimum, prioritize my interest and figuring me out, while all this did give me a results, I got tried and exhausting of having to do it all alone!

After my first degree, I found myself struggling heavily to get a job, my mental and physical health really talk a hit and their was no one that I could talk to that would give me the comfort I wanted not needed.

During that period, I start a book and pop culture blog name Novelisteer, yes it did bring me the joy I wanted for a short while until the toxicity of the book community start getting to me, I keep blaming my environment for not having the next book for having to scrabble together change to buy the book I wanted, yeah you might say why did you not get out the thing was this is something I really love, I took several break from the blog and instagram.

Along the line, I came to a realization what do I really want and that which is happiness, finding what happiness means to me in one word took a lot of trial and error.

Happiness means Freedom to me and that made me realize that I need to improve, grow and secure my life if I really want that freedom and to do that I knew I have to design my life while intentionally creating the time to follow all of my passions, while tending to my health, career, business and well-being.

I started Novellisteer because I want to take you along the journey of finding that girl that know she is Novel and ready to Being Novel, I want to show you the happiest, scariest, saddest, exhilarating, joyful, and most vulnerable moments in my life.

For me novellisteer is not just a brand but a place to share all the knowledge and thought that sprout from this lonely and beautiful journey.


Everybody keeps telling me to pick one thing, that I am passionate about and choose the rest as a side hobby after I have secure my life, but I couldn’t do that cause;

Everything I do define me and make me who I am.

But here’s the thing, having multiple ideas you want to execute can be draining and feel like you are not accomplishing anything, there are days you would feel like giving in to what society are saying and days you would realize that the more things you love doing the richer and more unique you will be.

I wanted nothing more than to share with people the experiences I’ve had and hopefully, that will make them feel less alone, I will speak about my experiences and in turn, I hope my story provides you the courage and strength that you need to tell yours and while I may provide tips, I really want you to know that I don’t have it all together, so each of my content here is going to be candid, raw and real.

What does all this have to do with you?

I’m pretty sure we have something in common and my goal is that you would be able to find this space resourceful, being novel and secure your dream life! ♥︎

Remember, all your passions can be part of you, you don’t have to know everything or make huge changes to start. you just need to pick one thing to focus on when you’re first starting out and already have: a little bit of time, a healthy amount of willingness to learn and try out new things, plenty of patience and determination.

We’re on this journey to learn from each other!

Every content here, would nurture you both mind, soul, become inspired and empowered to take action. 

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