Diary Of An Ambitious Hermit Episode 3

Experience the captivating power of self-discovery, ambitious pursuits, and personal growth in Episode 3 of “Diary of an Ambitious Hermit.” Join me as I share insightful reflections on the past week, where secrets unravel and ambitions soar.


Hi Star! It’s great to meet you too. I apologize for the stressful and unfulfilled promise. I understand that the last time I wrote the series was on June 4, 2023, and you can find the previous edition here:

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Happy New Month, can not believe it is July already; I swear I did not know what I achieve since resigning from my community management job in March.

Yes, I know I came up with another excuse, but I was not feeling it physically and mentally. School accommodation is stressing me out, and because of this, it is affecting everything. This is why I hate giving control to another human regarding anything that goes on in my life. If I had known, I would have continued to stay off-campus, JEJE.

But I got good news, did not experience any migraine not uvulitis, and the last three weeks were spent preparing, celebrating Sallah and recovering from Sallah, I had to say the school environment does stress me out, and I’m sure I’m not the only one feeling this way, I had been back to school now for almost 2 weeks, and yes, I am still broke and lazy, yet getting stronger.

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Week In Review

Academic and School

You know at this point, most of you will tell me to drop out seeing I had come with another complaint. At this moment, I aspire to accomplish both my internal and external defence before August ends. However, this week brought a positive development as I successfully completed the writing of my thesis up to chapter 5. Currently, I am actively working on refining my machine-learning model, cleaning my code, and awaiting the approval of my co-supervisor to submit it to the PG coordinator for internal defence.


Novellisteer had been suffering a lot in Q2 and I really want to do better yet unfortunately I am currently in an environment that is not helping my creativity (eyeing the school environment). For this reason, I am going to take it easy and make sure I get to show up every day; focus my energy more on that channel that will allow Novellisteer to grow.

I am considering moving my hosting to a company that accepts naira, as I am not earning in dollars at the moment coupled with the rising price in dollar exchange.

Mental And Physical Health

An interesting thing about my mental health is that all I can remember is how exhausted I was on Sunday, the day Sallah finally calm down.

My physical health took a back seat in Q2, yes even though I did a 15-minute exercise in the morning; I am not doing the type of exercise I plan on doing this 2023 and I experienced uvulitis so frequently this year that I had the urge to cut my uvula.

Unfortunately finding out the school arrangement for PG students really hit me hard, as I had planned so many things around the accommodation.


I actively sent out my CV for a community manager role but faced multiple rejections after the interviews. However, I am not saddened by this experience as I believe it indicates that my portfolio and CV are effectively fulfilling their purpose. It has made me realize that I should focus on improving my self-presentation and learning how to better sell myself in order to seize future opportunities.

For my freelancing, my Upwork account is not giving results for this I will have to learn better on optimizing my profile and knowing how to write a proposal. A friend and I are looking to create an agency account on Upwork maybe so maybe I could get more gigs and I recently started posting content on LinkedIn.

I spent the weekend working on building a brand plan for Damiel Badra, leading community management and content repurposing for businesses that want a reliable community that will achieve their business and community goals.

Fun And Entertainment

Well, last week was Sallah so I guess that you could as fun and oh yes, I was able to add some new series to my watch list, finished 2 dramas that were airing, start watching a reality dating show, re-watched a Korean drama and I am currently reading 2 Chinese novels.

Here We Meet Again (2023): A drama I recently finished watching and opted to read the book since it was adapted from a novel. The exceptional character development was the standout aspect of the show for me. Throughout the series, we could observe a gradual unravelling of misunderstandings and the gradual building of trust among the main characters.

The Guest (2018): When it aired in 2018, they labelled this series as a horror, but honestly, I didn’t see the horror they were all talking about. Well, there were demons and ghosts, so maybe that counts.

The series was decently written, although there were moments when everyone seemed to be running in circles due to frequent repetitions of certain events. Some parts felt a bit repetitive. My favourite thing was the collaboration between the three main characters that, along the way, turned into some beautiful friendship was awesome.

Revenant(2023): The ending of Episode 8 was incredibly satisfying, and I wished I could have had the opportunity to binge-watch all the episodes in one week. Unfortunately, it was impossible since I had already watched Episode 8 and couldn’t delay my suspense any longer.

In light of the recent episodes, what intrigues me most is the connection between these spirits and the concepts of generational and collective guilt. Regardless of one’s belief in spirits, it is undeniably true that the actions and wrongdoings of one generation have repercussions for future ones.

Lessons Learned

I learned the importance of accepting my limitations, being kind to myself, and not pushing beyond my boundaries when it’s detrimental to my well-being due to health issues.

Despite facing difficulties, I found solace and enjoyment in watching surgery videos on YouTube. This serves as a reminder for readers to find moments of joy and engage in activities that bring them happiness, even during challenging times.

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Let Chat

  • Have you ever been so confused about what it is you accomplished for the quarter?
  • Did you encounter any unexpected obstacles or setbacks these weeks and how did you overcome them?
  • Are there any specific experiences from this episode that resonated with you, and why?

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