Why I Hardly Listen To Audiobooks

As a reader, am a believer that all kind of book is meant to be read so when I said I don’t listen to Audio is not cause am against it


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As a reader, am a believer that all kind of book is meant to be read so when I said I don’t listen to Audio is not cause am against it but cause it to allow me to easily been distracted from the book itself but I do listen to Podcast but what made podcast different is that am listening to learn not for the experience like in the most book I read.

Every word that has been said on this post is mine and mine only so please and please don’t come for me, have anything negative to say swallow it don’t vomit it out if you want to say something positive please do vomit out your opinion on the comment section below.

I admired audiobooks and readers who use them, for a while, I had never seen the benefit of using an audiobook until my internship where my Boss listen to it when driving ( my boss is from the male specimen) so imagine my surprise but he hardly read physical books, he is more of an audiobook kind of guy.

Audiobooks are a recording on CD or cassette of a reading of a book, typically a novel.

Audiobook never bothers me I known they can be useful for when you are busy, in all my 17 years of reading I can count the number of times I listen to an audiobook on one hand personally. The audiobook is too bland for my taste for someone whose imagination runs wild when reading and as being more comfortable in reading in my own voice.

There is a lot of things that I know will determine me picking up an audiobook to listen to will have to be:

  • The Narrator voice
  • The Narrator Pitch
  • The Narrator feeling and emotion

I don’t want to be too judgmental for that reason I hardly pick up audiobooks to read.
Now the issue of helping when you are busy, to me reading is a hobby of mine, it is something I allow to flow naturally, not stressing myself on whether I had not read in ages or too many books to read on my TBR list. So I see no need to pick up an audiobook that a narrator is narrating for me without that feeling I get when I read a book when am busy.
My brain is so unique in that I tend to save whatever I read or watch in my own voice, Let me explain, imagine you are attending a lecture and the lecturer is lecturing but whatever his been said I will have to repeat it to myself in my voices cause my brain tends to block, store others voice far away in my memories.
Some month back, I pick up an audiobook to read but I had to drop it cause am not getting the feeling from the book through the narrator.

Not using audiobooks, doesn’t mean I don’t watch movies, listen to music or podcast that why I said my brain is unique (Narcissist much) cause it happens during reading
Now am in no way criticising audiobooks or the narrator, they are the best but right now I don’t see the need for an audiobook when am right now.
I will definitely give an audiobook a chance if and when I find a narrator that fit my kind in express, right emotion of the book for me

Am definitely not saying I will cancel Audiobook, but that it doesn’t allow me the freedom to allow my imagination to run free and wild.

Let Chat

  • Do you believe that book must be read in one format?
  • What your favorite book if you used audio?
  • What do think can be done to improved people relantionship with book?

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