7 Ways to Reconnect With Your Body

Here are 7 techniques to reconnect with your body so you can determine what you actually require from your body when things are overwhelming


Reconnecting with your body is a topic we are going to talk about since we often neglect our bodies when we visualize the plan and implement the plan to work on our intentional life.

Taking care of your mental health is generally thought of as something you must accomplish mentally by reasoning your way to a happier mood. The body, on the other hand, is one of the most underestimated methods to increase your well-being.

Many of us have a love-hate relationship with our bodies and tend to ignore what’s going on below the neck. So, in the interest of the larger good, here are some suggestions for reconnecting your body.

Despite the fact that we are constantly in our bodies, it seems to be getting easier and easier to not truly connect with them.

We devote more than half of our waking hours to being psychologically plugged into our phones, computers, televisions, gaming consoles, home technology, and so forth.

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This implies that, whether we realize it or not, we are quickly forming the habit of living in our heads rather than our bodies.

Instead of focusing solely on how directive the emphasis on self-care is, look within to determine how you can reconnect your body.

Here are 7 techniques to reconnect with your body so you can determine more clearly what you actually require from your body when things are at their most overwhelming or you’re just feeling generally exhausted.

Remember to take time to breath

We frequently forget to breathe because we are too busy living our lives and trying to keep up with the economy.
One of the simplest methods to reestablish a connection between the body and the mind is to use the breath. When under stress, breathing deeply from the abdomen can serve as the body’s brake, allowing it to exit the “fight or flight” reaction and enter a relaxed state.

Numerous benefits of abdominal breathing include a reduction in impulsive behaviour, an increase in happiness and optimism, a decrease in anxiety and despair, and a strengthening of your ability to control your emotions.

Here, one breathing technique that is employed by Nafisa – is the 4-7-8 breath cycle. Breathe in deeply 4 times, holding each for 7 counts before releasing them through your lips for 6.

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Do a Scan of Your Body

Learn more about the true state of your body. A consistent practice of scanning your body can help you tune into your internal environment, including your physical and emotional emotions. If anything has upset you, it’s a useful technique for calming and centring oneself.

Lay down, take a few deep breaths, and begin with one of your feet. Feel your muscles, bones, and blood move deeply throughout your body. Is it freezing or warm? tense or at ease? Is it numb or tingly? From the tips of your toes to the top of your head, scan the body, taking in everything while remaining judgment-free.

Slow Down and Stay Still 

Where are you at this moment? Look up. What can you currently hear, taste, feel, and smell? How do you currently feel physically? How do you look right now? Before reading this, what were you thinking?
By doing this more frequently, we can tap into our connection to our environment, encoding it more deeply in our memory, as well as tap out of the thoughts racing through our minds to focus on the sensations occurring in and around our body.

Our thoughts are typically based on the past or the future, pulling us away from our bodies unless we’re in a flow state. The habit of performing a quick “sit still senses scan” leaves a space for us to re-connect whenever we need to.

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Repeat Positive Body Affirmations

Affirmations are really straightforward, succinct, and effective expressions. They become thoughts that shape your reality when you say, think, or hear them.

You can strengthen the connection between your conscious and subconscious minds by saying this daily, posting them around your home, or writing them on items you use frequently. You start to believe something more and more the more you say it—good or bad, but let’s use it for GOOD.

Examples include “My body is not a pushover,” “The weight and feel of my body do not control my day,” and “My body can handle anything and come out stronger.”

Rethink Your Routine To Reconnect With Your Body

Those routines as simple as brushing our teeth, breathing practices, yoga sessions and writing down our body changes on a page are all examples of routines that help us mark the movement of time and meaningful moments in life.

Many of us have experienced changes in our life, which have impacted the flow of life. Therefore the routine by which we work and learn and play will be forever changed.

Look back over each routine you’ve been doing and think about what it did for you when you used to practice it to identify the routines that have been helping you to be in tune and confident with your body. Did it promote or impair your wellbeing?

Next, decide which new routines can help you to reestablish a connection with your body. Now consider these new routines; can they help or hurt your happiness and health?

Question Yourself To Reconnect with Your Body

Questions are important. Asking the right questions can help you find the best solutions, push yourself to improve, and become more in touch with your body. In other words, you can better understand your needs and reconnect with your body by asking yourself the right questions.

How well have you been sleeping lately, ask yourself? How nutrient-dense has your recent diet been? What volume of water have you been consuming?

The simple pleasure of feeling more in tune with our bodies is often reconnected to us when we ask ourselves questions.

Reconnect With Your Body By Brain Dumping

One thing we understand here at novellisteer is that not having clarity and feeling overwhelmed can take a ton of your body physically – for this we recommend braindumps.

One quick and simple technique that can help you get immediate clarity and relief from overwhelm is brain dumping. It also makes setting priorities much simpler. You all have access to this quick and effective method at any time.

You have a few options for what to do next after you’ve finished writing. You can think back on your list, pinpoint your stresses, and solve the issue.

Alternately, you could take the time to acknowledge your worries, attend to your needs, and then return to your brain dump pages later or the next day with more clarity.

In light of this, the next time you find yourself being overtaken by stress or anxious thoughts, grab a pen and a notebook and use the brain dumping technique to clear your mind.

Utilize these suggestions to focus on the essentials for reestablishing body connection. Although there is no one-size-fits-all solution, these techniques can help you become more in tune with what your body actually needs.

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  1. It is so important to reconnect with our body periodically. There are so many ways to help ourselves, it takes work but worth the benefit. I try not to go on social media that often – helping myself out mentally. Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Nancy ✨ Cold Brew Vibes

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