6 Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Tech Friends

In this blog post, we list out valentine’s gift ideas for your friends in tech, which are beneficial to building their careers


Valentine’s Gift Ideas, for that tech friend, can be quite a daunting search to carry out.

Hi Listeer,

Valentine’s Day is a holiday fraught with potential pitfalls for how to appropriately express your affection to another human being. 

As someone in tech, most people tend to struggle when it comes to giving out gifts, due to one the reasons; that gifts for people in tech can be pretty expensive or you need an expensive gift to look cool.

In this blog post, I’ve made a list of affordable gift ideas for your friends in tech, most of these are relatively simple things that don’t require you to break the bank as the economy has been hard on a lot of people.

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Being someone in Tech, if a friend does one or more of these for me it certainly would put a smile on someone’s face.

If you’re interested in buying your tech friend a nice appreciation gift, check out the following option available for a valentine’s gift.

Here are 6 Affordable Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Your Tech Friends


Imagine the joy on your friend’s face, when you gift them stock as an investment.

Thankfully there are a lot of stock options available to gift your friend especially when the said friend is a Nigerian.

The best part is you do not have to think too far about which company stock your friend would be excited about, do think of a company that your friend really admired over the years

You can buy stock through Trove, Ladda, Bamboo and Risevest

Posture Corrector

Having a friend in tech means that they are usually sitting or standing, let me tell you my posture is so bad that I’m using some form of corrector to improve posture.

What better way to support your friend than buying them a posture corrector there are many brands available yet not all have the durability they promise.

You have to read the review and figure out what part of the body, your friend would appreciate that extra correction.

External Storage

Okay, you see this gift idea right here yup “external storage” is something that is never enough for your tech friend and the more time they spent in the tech industry the more storage they need.

It is just like magic or more accurately the rabbit hat in Alice in Wonderland, an endless supply of items to save and making sure each file type is not saved on the same drive.

There are quite a number of options for you to pick from, when it comes to brand, my favourites are Samsung and Western Digital.

When it comes to buying external storage, you have the option of a solid-state drive and a hard drive, the latter is faster yet more expensive.


Yeah, it would be more surprising if I did not mention buying a book as a gift to that friend, my mind wanders between adding it or not as I see books as a form of investment rather than just an entertainment tool when it comes to buying books for a tech being.

Picking a type of genre for friends depends on their lifestyle, so please do not think of the self-help or motivation genre first.

On The Blog: Read 2023 Upcoming Books Releases To Add To Your Collection


Are you shocked? well do not be, you need to know that we are in Nigeria and the constant struggle with light tends to affect our productivity a lot more than we care to admit.

Now, imagine how excited your friend would be if they have a solar installation in their home.

As there are a lot of options available, pick one with the best duration and longevity, a friend of mine swears by MTN Luminous as a cheaper alternative or The Portable Powerstation by popular energy for a high budget.

Remember to speak to a solar installation expert about their need and your expectation; for a better recommendation.


As an individual living in Nigeria, internet subscription and network availability are always our problems; apart from the light, imagine being in a meeting and saying hello multiple times.

Thankfully, in 2023; Starlink was launch in Nigeria and there had been lot of positive feedback with the network speed.

If you ever want to stop the argument of who network is at fault during a call definitely get this for you friend and it so easy to install; no n eed to dig the earth like some provider, with monthly subscription the best among service provider in Nigeria.

Let Chat

  • Let me know in the comment section what gift you received for the valentines.
  • Among the gift listed in this post, which are you most looking forward to receiving?
  • Are you for the price or what does your friend needs?

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