This Thing Called Nysc: Tips and Items Needed

This is a post on NYSC for those youth who had no idea what to bring to camp, just quick reminder state camps differ from one another.


This thing called NYSC: TIPS and items Needed

NYSC is an abbreviation for National Youth Service Corps, which is more or less a compulsory service for Nigeria youth why I said it more or less with the poor and the average citizen is mandatory for them but the rich and the Rich are exempted from it, yeah I know SUE ME but everyone knows it true but no one want to admit it.

If you are certain you will not work with any companies or organisations that require NYSC, then you might skip it. But remember the government can move Mad at any time.

As someone who had experienced the various stage of services back in 2017, I think I am more in a position to give out an idea and what you need, I am planning on making this post into two – three-section due to the length.

National Youth Service Corps

I decided to do a post on NYSC for all those youth who had no idea what to do, so here is a little something for everyone. Just quick reminder state camps differ from one another except date of resumption camp and leaving of the camp.

Initially, this was a Saturday post, unfortunately, my flash got corrupted a bit thankfully I still have a saved copy on my desktop.

Just a quick remember when planning your service What Man proposes God dispose

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  • Photocopy of your Document (≤10)
  • Passport (5 White Background And 5 Red Background)
  • Stationary (Pen, Pencil, Notebook, Glue and Staple)
  • Detergent, Soap and Cloth Whitening (Hypo/Jik)
  • Fanny Pack (Preferable Black Colour, as many as you want)
  • Mosquito Net (optional)
  • White T-shirt (≥2)
  • White Short (≥ 2)
  • White Sock (≥2)
  • Fuzzy Sock (Colour or not, for cold)
  • Provision (any as long as it can’t be cooked)
  • Ladies Care (Sanitary Pad, Shower care, Makeup, Hair Care and Body/Skin Care)
  • Man care (Shaving Kit, Shower care, Body Care)
  • Nylon (Small and medium size)
  • Blanket, Warmer or Duvet, wrapper
  • Bedspread (as many as you want)
  • Toothbrush and Paste
  • Pillow (Optional)
  • Lamp (Not Rechargeable, it might be a contra ban in some camps and light issue)
  • Bathroom Slipper
  • Shoe/Slipper (as many as you want)
  • White Snicker (as many as you want)
  • Cereal Bowl or Cup
  • Spoon (neither metal fork nor Knife)
  • Food Flask/Food warmer
  • Glucose, Vitamin
  • Fruits
  • Power Bank
  • 2 sets of Charger (Phone and Power Bank)
  • Fuse (Extension can be contraband)
  • Earpiece/Earphone (You don’t want to disturb other)
  • Tissue/Paper Roll
  • Condom for both ladies and men
  • Water Flask
  • Panty Hose (White and Optional)
  • Veils, Scarf (more white than Colour)
  • Nail Kit
  • Prayer Item
  • Padlock or bag lock
  • Bucket (≤ 2)
  • Cloth (few cloths suitable for the 2-day Carnival and Sunday wear)
  • Cash (your camp might not have ATM).

That all on this post, be sure to check the next post on part II of This Thing Called NYSC, I leave the link here.

Let Chat

  • Are you a present serving corper or ex corper?
  • What items should be on the list that we might miss?
  • What is your Nysc prepping like?

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