First Thought I receive an ARC copy of this book from Rosie Boyes herself you can check her out on Twitter @RosieTheAuthor, It took me…


First Thought

I receive an ARC copy of this book from Rosie Boyes herself you can check her out on Twitter @RosieTheAuthor, It took me a while to finally read this book not because I don’t like it but more as to do with me clearing my head and making some decision. Occasionally I do call the book Snow White I know my bad.

Two 2 children lost their mother at quite an early age with a tiny hope of them staying together until they received a letter from their grandmother who they had no idea existed requesting for their guardianship.



Am really curious about how Kitty was able to build a perfumery empire worth fifty millionaires which is one question that I had not been able to find answer all I know it she develop a perfume cause she was bore who help her to sell was it Genevieve or the blackbird when one on can see her?
The book had the potential to develops as a fantasy novel for an adult even though it a middle-grade book everyone can read it, on a serious note I really love the book I did, give my sibling to also hear her thought on whether she will be able to read it and recommend it to their teacher during the reading hour and guess what she said yes but her friends might take some time to read cause they are lazy like that but anyhow she really love at first she was hesitated to read cause she thought it is like every snow-white novel story plot until I told no, since finishing it she been on me to always allow her to read any middle-grade book to read in which she can recommend to her teacher.

At first the book kind of drag on for page before the kid Kes and Star by the way, finally meet their grandmother from their father side (who they never get to meet) , just be aware that the book has some spell for anyone out there that not a fan of spell but there is no harm in reading. What baffled me is how did hell no one crash that clock that tends to run backward if it happen in my home, my parent will had crash it and exorcise it after their kid went missing.

The writing styles remind me of reading a drama script, I didn’t check for the spelling error. Why? Cause Am by no way an editor even though the only experienced I had was with my supervisor during proofreading of his student project. But on a serious note, this book had the potential of both an adult fantasy novel and a movie, hey!! Don’t come for me it just that I kind of imagine every scene of the book like a drama and oh yes I remember it reminds me of the nutcracker movie, am not comparing them, but who remembers the first editor of the nutcracker?

Final Thought

The Snow Witch is really good as a middle-grade book and if I was still giving a star, it will be 4 stars without a thought and I really want to said congrats to Author Rosie Boyes for taking the courage to release her book, allowing me to reads a copy of the book before it will be published on 1st October 2018 and a sincere apology to her for not reading the book.
Thank God, it refreshingly different from the Snow White cause am already tired of the movie remake and reading the book. About the cover, am not a keen fan of the cover, it kinda makes the book boring which is by no way boring, maybe that was the factor that delays the reading of the book.

About Author

Rosie Boyes is a children author from the UK. She has been passionate about middle-grade books ever since she can remember. Her love of reading came at an early age when she escaped into classic stories, living out the lives of the characters she met. During her spare time, she dreams about dipping her toes in the sea, splashing through puddles, kicking up leaves in the autumn.

Check her out on rosietheauthor

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