First Thoughts I received an ARC copy of ‘The Snow Witch by Rosie Boyes ‘from Rosie Boyes herself; you can check her out on Twitter…


First Thoughts

I received an ARC copy of ‘The Snow Witch by Rosie Boyes ‘from Rosie Boyes herself; you can check her out on Twitter @RosieTheAuthor. It took me a while to finally read this book, not because I didn’t like it, but because I needed time to clear my head and make some decisions. Occasionally, I mistakenly call the book ‘Snow White’—my bad!



Twelve-year-old Kitty Wigeon can't wait for Christmas at St Flurries, a grand old manor house in the countryside, until one chilly night she vanishes without a trace.

One hundred years later… Still grieving over the death of their mother, Kes Bunting and his younger sister Star, are sent to live at St Flurries. They find a house steeped in mystery and brimming with secrets.

Who, or what, is making footprints in the snow?

And what evil force is taking a cold grip on Star?

Wrap up warm as you join Kes, and a cast of eccentric snow creatures, in a race against time to solve a hundred-year-old curse. Will he succeed? Or will the fate of his sister be decided by a shivery kiss from… the Snow Witch?

Two children lost their mother at a very young age but held a tiny hope of staying together until they received a letter from a grandmother they never knew existed, requesting their guardianship.

A Grandfather Clock. A Glass Locket. A Powerful Curse Unleashed on Christmas Eve.


I’m really curious about how Kitty managed to build a perfumery empire worth fifty million. One question I haven’t been able to find an answer to: how did she develop a perfume when she was bored, and who helped her sell it—was it Genevieve or the blackbird, when no one can see her? The book has the potential to develop as a fantasy novel for adults, although it’s a middle-grade book that everyone can enjoy.

I love the book. I gave it to my sister to see if she would read it and recommend it to her teacher during reading hour, and guess what? She said yes! At first, she hesitated because she thought it would be like every other Snow White story, but she loved it once she started reading. Since finishing it, she’s been eager to read any middle-grade book I can recommend.

Initially, the book dragged a bit before the children, Kes and Star, finally met their paternal grandmother (whom they had never met). Be aware that the book contains spells, which might not appeal to everyone, but there’s no harm in giving it a read. What baffled me was why no one smashed the clock that runs backwards—had it been in my home, my parents would have smashed it and performed an exorcism after their children went missing!

The writing style reminds me of a drama script. Why didn’t I check for spelling errors? Because I’m by no means an editor, even though my only experience was helping my supervisor proofread his students’ projects. But seriously, this book has the potential to be both an adult fantasy novel and a movie. It reminds me of the Nutcracker movie, though I’m not comparing them directly.


Final Thoughts

The Snow Witch is a great middle-grade book. If I were still giving stars, it would easily earn 4 stars. I want to congratulate author Rosie Boyes for having the courage to release her book and allowing me to read a copy before its publication on 1st October 2018.

My sincere apologies to her for the delay in reading it. Thank goodness, it’s refreshingly different from the Snow White remakes, which I’m already tired of. Regarding the cover, I’m not a huge fan; it makes the book look boring, which is anything but. Perhaps that was a factor that delayed me in starting the book.

About the Author

Rosie Boyes is a children’s author from the UK, passionate about middle-grade books since she can remember. Her love of reading came at an early age when she escaped into classic stories, living out the lives of the characters she met. In her spare time, she dreams about dipping her toes in the sea, splashing through puddles, and kicking up leaves in the autumn.

Check her out at rosietheauthor.

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Let Chat

  • What are your thoughts on middle-grade books being enjoyable for adults? Have you read any others that transcended age groups like The Snow Witch?
  • Kitty’s entrepreneurial journey in perfumery is quite mysterious. Who do you think helped her, and how do you imagine she built her empire?
  • The book contains elements of magic, such as spells. How do you feel about the inclusion of magical elements in otherwise realistic stories? Do you think it enhances the story or detracts from it?
  • The cover of a book can often influence our decision to read it. Have you ever been put off by a book’s cover, only to find the content surprisingly engaging? How important is a book cover to you?

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