Picture this: Sleepaway camp. 4 girls share a cabin until the day the 3 girls from influential, powerful family disappear from camp never to be…


Picture this: Sleepaway camp. 4 girls share a cabin until the day the 3 girls from influential, powerful family disappear from camp never to be found. One 13-year-old girl from an unknown name no power family is left to tell their story. But her stories are built around lies.

This is a book with an absolutely compulsively good psychological thriller full of secrets, lies, and shocking truths that you won’t be able to put down and a portrait of a teenage girls life.

Vivian once said that lying is how you win the game This book has layers of buried secret, lies, suspense and mystery that I continue to explore as I read the book along, each moment in the book count the secret in this book is knowing that every words, line and character matter and are significant.
Alternating between the past and present, it explores each character as seen through the eyes of our protagonist, Emma on a normal basic am not really a fan on one character point of view but in this book am definitely not complaining.

In the beginning, we know how Emma define the 3 girls disappear only and I feel complain to judge Emma for withholding the truth and the lie she told but as I ride along with her, no judgment on my side to Emma cause Sager slowly but surely reveals to the readers just how damage Emma is, she goes back to teach art at the camp and to solve the old mystery while confronting her many demons and the lies she told. Returning as a camp art instructor even though everyone thinks she is crazy about being in the same physical and emotional environment in which her trauma occurred. Emma pours out her guilt and trauma onto her art so I understand why she wants to get back onto that place, she is tired of only seeing and hiding them in her paint

PS: Never trust that any of the characters is saying the truth with their mind games and manipulations.

This story evolved around interpersonal drama, lies and betrayals, and urban legend foretold suspense which had a great impact on the missing girl’s case.
RILEY SAGER delivers an extremely detailed, twisty, atmospheric and well-written story here. I absolutely love his writing style and the way that he set the mood was pretty much perfect for a creepy and thrilling reading experience for me. I had that uneasy and apprehensive feeling throughout most of this novel which I am always seeking from my thrillers. This one definitely delivered. Also, another fun aspect of this novel was the game two truths and one lie that the girls played at Camp Nightingale in their cabin. I love that the book is not that dark enough for me, I was so intrigued and captivated by the story thereby finishing the book in under 6 hours!!

This is by far the best psychological thriller for me this year with a serious, shocking, unexpected ending!!

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