Stronger Than Bronze Dragon by Mary Fan | Chinese Inspired Fantasy

The main heart of this book is about a poor strong unlikely heroine embarking on a quest for a thief cause he needed to also save his peoples, stronger than a bronze dragons delves into obligation and duty what is wrong or right morally.


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Publishing Date: June 11th 2019 Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Asian Representation, Steampunk Published By: Page Street Kids
When a powerful viceroy arrives with a fleet of mechanical dragons and stops an attack on Anlei’s village, the villagers see him as a godsend. They agree to give him their sacred, enchanted River Pearl in exchange for permanent protection—if he’ll marry one of the village girls to solidify the alliance. Anlei is appalled when the viceroy selects her as a bride, but with the fate of her people at stake, she sees no choice but to consent. Anlei’s noble plans are sent into a tailspin, however, when a young thief steals the River Pearl for himself. Knowing the viceroy won’t protect her village without the jewel, she takes matters into her own hands. But once she catches the thief, she discovers he needs the pearl just as much as she does. The two embark on an epic quest across the land and into the Courts of Hell, taking Anlei on a journey that reveals more is at stake than she could have ever imagined. With incredibly vivid world building and fast-paced storytelling, Stronger Than a Bronze Dragon is great for readers who are looking for something fresh in epic fantasy.

First Thought

Seeing this book “Stronger than a Bronze Dragon” you have to it was not a love at first sight, it was more of a I was tripping for the Dragon story plot.

I might have never pick up this book to read earlier if not for the word “DRAGON” and the bad-ass female lead character that was in the books I guess I must have been a dragon rider in my past life (look at me praising myself) stronger than a dragon had to do with machinery, technology, spell, paranormal magic, revenge, uncommon creature, unwilling bride, a thief hat very determine to steal what could save her entire village, family, wrong or right, a bit of love and our heroine pride when it comes to protecting her people even when they were not deserving of the sacrifice and protection.


Liang Anlei was her name a dancer of sword, fighter of sword whose dream of be a warrior princess, one of the thing this book did very well were the description of the story been dance to by Liang Anlei

Our first introduction in to the book was via a fight that had been happening in our heroine village name DAILAN for a while now in which most of the able male warriors lost their life including her grandfather making the available strong female join in the fight against the Ligui attack.

The sacrifice that was ask of her by the villager were totally unwelcome this show what human will do just to protect themselves this book might give you an insight on how fiddle the human can be.

The word in which her mom spoke to her wave through me I found that we do have the same social pattern and that is “no matter how long we know each other, I still treat them like a stranger” I guess we still have a lot to grow in term of socialize.Liang Anlei was thirsty for adventure, itchy to travel the world definitely not someone that can be tie down in one location, I love that she will be able to ravel at the end with someone that she loved beside her.

I like Tai my first time meeting him maybe it had to do with the long hair there is something exciting about male with long hair.

Nothing can truly be fixed once broken nothing will ever be as it was

There are time I question if a particular creature is machinery or magic or possessed.

Let me create a bullet list of thing I found particular when it comes to pros and cons

  • I adored that the book was a Chinese inspired fantasy
  • Rich description of the characters, street and event.
  • There was no description of foods, Chinese culture are famous for their oriental so I found it out of place it was not give a story maybe cause there are going to fight a demon the author probably thought it will be unwelcome.
  • How easy did they fall in love I know there is nothing like falling in love while on a life and death journey so maybe I could forgive this one.
  • The adventure I needed when I hear they were going to the Court Of Hell did not work to my expectation I just want more bloody fight, hurt, tear all those forgive me but I admires a bloody scene well done like come on this is COURT OF HELL.
  • Reading this book was a bit on my emotion, it fell more like that feeling I do experience when reading was play on, like I could be building up my emotion suddenly it will be abruptly cut off making me searching even to hold a grasp of that existing feeling, don’t get me wrong the excitement was there but I keep losing focus of it.

Final Thought

The main heart of this book is about a poor strong unlikely heroine embarking on a quest for a thief cause he needed to also save his peoples, stronger than a bronze dragons delves into obligation and duty what is wrong or right morally. Maybe cause I was expecting dragon real one I guess, definitely not one that could manifest so my heart took a kick, I was also mainly surprised by how well the stores was tied up and there no cliff ending the author can leave the plot or decide to explore the story to make a series, I like that it give me a look at how Chinese wording or sentences do entertain double meaning that one of the aspect I like about Chinese culture glad it was used in the book.

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