6 Practical Steps To Build Your Self Confidence

Self Confidence is one thing I was not born with rather I had to find it and build my self-confidence one little piece at a time


Self Confidence is one thing I was not born with nor grown up surrounded, rather I had to find it and build my self-confidence one little piece at a time.

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Ever been in a situation where your mouth is not moving, you found yourself in a situation where you could not handle things even when you know deep down that you are limiting yourself and your abilities, that thing is known as lack of confidence which can be due to many factors.

I have also experienced a lack of self-confidence, which keep holding me back from taking opportunities that came my way because I didn’t believe I could handle them.

I used to shy away from public speaking or sharing my knowledge on something because I felt I would make a mistake that people will never forget or that I might supple on my words or my pronunciation would make others laugh at me.

So many thought till I realized that I was just limiting my abilities with these excuses, then I decided to take a conscious effort towards building my self-confidence.

You have to be patient with yourself while building your confidence and give room for growth because, on this beautiful journey, you will discover some of the things about yourself you didn’t even know before.

Tips to Build Your Self Confidence

Believe In Yourself

Most times when an opportunity crosses your way, you begin to question your ability to deliver due to imposter syndrome. What imposter syndrome does is that it makes you feel that you can not handle things you have worked hard for or you don’t deserve the opportunity that presented itself, but  I want you to believe that every opportunity that comes your way does so because you can do it.

Also if an opportunity comes your way and you don’t know how to handle it, feel free to ask questions, do your research, try to learn something new, and put in your best because someone out there believes you can handle It.

Understand Your Strengths

Don’t hide away from knowing your strength or weakness cause we do need to know our strengths and weaknesses, what we excel in and those that we struggle with, cause when you don’t identify them, you start to struggle and give room for questioning your ability.

More than that, it’s important to understand your strength and focus on it or develop that area of weakness, always remember not to dwell too much on that weakness, for it might give room for doubt, rather focus on your strength cause the work on that strength, the more you begin to feel confident.

Get Comfortable Speaking About Your Achievements

There are times that we feel that speaking about our success makes us proud or whatnot, yet that is not the case, cause when you put in those efforts and work smart then you aren’t being proud. I struggled with this and I still do, when that happens, a voice in my head usually calls me out for that, we need to overcome this feeling and get comfortable speaking about your wins, because speaking about your achievement will make you confident in yourself. and sometimes allow you to reward yourself.

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Voice Out

When it comes to sharing your knowledge or opinion that has never been an easy thing for me and the field I never really help that much, recently in 2020 I took that baby step to share my thought, no matter how small that it had taught me that there is always someone out there that had do not know what you know and discovering that others learnt from me, had boosted my confidence and made me realize that I was just isolating myself.

Learn to take that step, shut your eyes and click that publish button, and get comfortable with speaking and voicing out know that the more you share and people learn, the more you improve.

In 2021, I got a book blogger feature in a magazine, read the finally doing the right thing post to find out more

Meditation and Yoga

Meditating and doing a bit of yoga do more good than you realized, Meditating helps us to control our minds, and thoughts and turn off our minds when we do not need it anymore.

While yoga helps manage stress and anxiety; it allows you to be more relaxed and have a positive benefit; therefore you can get a boost of confidence from meditating regularly.

Support System

Having a support system when you can ask for help, the guidance allows you to gain clarity cause when you share your fear and doubt, there is always someone who encourages and support you.

Surround yourself with people who speak positively to you, take no BS from you and make you feel good about yourself.

I hope you find this helpful because building your confidence is crucial in having that dream life.

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  • What do you value most in your journey?
  • Is there any item that is tied to your self-confidence?
  • What action made you feel confident?
  • Do you have any tips for building self-confidence?


    1. That is great, most of my life was spent figuring out how to be confident as I thought it was something people were born it. Sending your warm and love on your journey.

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