Search: www, A Korean Drama Review

Search: www is a story that was surprisingly interesting given that the average age of its main characters skews older than the usual, there was…


Search: www is a story that was surprisingly interesting given that the average age of its main characters skews older than the usual, there was no young chaebol inheriting his director position from his grandfather or grandmother, the drama was all about the women, and the focus was on them rather than the men, the woman was portrayed as hard-working, no-nonsense and sacrificed much to reach their positions.

There was some challenge Search: WWW overcomes like the female lead’s maturity, while also making it entertaining for the young viewer when it comes to the conflict the older generation faced in their high position, this drama shows that no matter how mature you are there still going to be some setbacks.

Screenwriters: Kwon Do Eun
Directors: Jung Ji Hyun, Kwon Young Il
Genres: Friendship, Business, Romance, Drama

This drama is about the conflicts, the wins, and losses one experiences when working. It will follow the story of 21st century women, who chose to not be a wife or a mother and successfully work without discrimination or impediments.
Bae Ta Mi works as a director for a big web portal company. She is in her late 30's and is quite competitive. With her competitiveness, Ta Mi enjoys success. The methods she uses to win has her wondering if she is doing the right thing with her life. Has she sacrificed too much of her personal life for success?
Park Mo Gun is a man in his 20's and is a gifted composer. He creates music for video games. Mo Gun meets Ta Mi at an arcade. He falls in love with her due to her competitive spirit.

Like and dislike of Search: www

  • While the camera creates some lovely and beautiful shots with the environment, character and spaces yet it sometimes flicks out the way it delivers some scenes as it tends to zoom onto the characters, probably trying to make it more romantic or something after the second time I got used to it.
  • I was all for the female lead and their development for the drama, am so glad to the drama god for listening to our prayer there were no over the top/fool decision, the relationship that, these women found along the way remind us that regardless of whatever position you always remember to look at the tiny things, you never know what you might find.
  • I love that the drama maintained the quality from start to finish thought there were some mildly annoying things about the main couple and product placement but they could be considered fairly negligible and that the drama starts with the women and end with them together.
  • Almost forget about the fashion sense in the drama, I could live in them (where the hell did they get them clothes from and the most important one can I afford them) there are currently now three dramas I wish I can steal their wardrobe namely Misty, Search and Hotel Da Luna.
Search WWW Korean Drama Image

I would surely remember this drama for its women empowerment and spicy kisses.

Yup!! though I was not there for the romance I can’t deny that it doesn’t have hot and chemical romances, bad-ass women, slow and emotion-filled scenes yet fast-paced. brilliant OST, epic sismance (the favourite scene is the car bashing, though I have to say Scarlet needs to get a hang of her anger issue), fashion sense.

An ending that is more of an open ending yet ends with the women, workplace attitude and relationship that I would say we need to adopt.

Would I watch this drama again?

Probably ask me that in the next 2 years cause there are so many dramas I need to watch might binge-watch it cause of the sismance. Back when I wrote this review it was years ago, now in 2022 I had watched search: www 3 times already with no skipping in between

Let’s Talk

  • What drama would you recommend similar to this?
  • Recently read a book, similar to this drama. Serena Sign Flips The Script
  • What is your thought on those who do not want to marry?
  • I actually watch this drama at the time it aired, so would love to know your first reaction to watching it?

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