Review of Chinese Drama Joy of Life

There was hardly a dull moment in this drama and I love it when the main character is using his skills.


Your girl is slowly posting weekly, i know you might ask what happen, this year am sure you are no stranger to lot of things that happen and my mental health was also affected, that moment i was not sure if i should branch out of reviewing book and drama yet look at me now, i have decided to take the bull by the head regardless of whether am using a free things or not.

The drama I love to review is Joy of Life, you see this drama was and still is the bomb, since it was released, like guys I loved and adored this drama mostly especially the lead character he is one of my favourites; let not get stuck in the fairy explanation and get started.

Joy of Life is that one drama I started watching in 2019 and through the year 2020, It has a distinct mixture of an excellent story, characters, casting, acting, production, and writing all this made this drama one that if you start you couldn’t stop watching it.


Director: Sun Hao
Screenwriter: Wang Juan
Country: China
Episodes: 46
Aired: Nov 26, 2019 - Jan 1, 2020
Watch On: YouTube
Original Network: Tencent Video, iQiyi, iQiyi
Duration: 45 min. 
Rating: 13+ - Teens 13 or older

Based on my research, I found out that this drama is adapted from a novel whose author has also written many other works including Ever Night.

I have not read any of the author work and the drama adaptation is plan for a five-year 3-season run, and we are currently in season 1 and whether the following seasons would run into any unforeseeable issues is anyone’s guess (such as the change of actors or director etc), but I hope that not cause each character fit their role 98% perfectly.

Another is that this is a time travel story, but due to that, time travel story are banned in China film production, yet the production team has cleverly adapted the story by cutting out that part thereby allowing it to pass the censorship.

Fan Xian grew up in a small town by the sea with his grandmother, following a sudden visit of a poison master, his peaceful life quickly morph into one filled with danger and hardship. After becoming rather skilled with medicine, poison and martial arts, he goes to the capital to find out more about his mysterious mother. He ends up on an adventure of marveling the world, getting tangled in politics, finding true love, figuring out his purpose in life and secrets of his world.


Joy of Life is going to release by season and you bet I am going to re-watch from season 1 when it been released due to the fact that the first season had a good amount of martial arts, humour and a great plotline.

The story is interesting, dialogues were funny and full of homophones with deep meaning, puns, poems, the use of idioms are hilarious, yet witty, the acting is immaculate!

I love the opening and ending OSTs, with the ending song being sung by Xiao Zhan, another talented actor and singer.

Fan Xian acted by Zhang Ruoyon who is the main male lead of the drama is a smart, sarcastic, funny, cunning man and quite appealing to a lot of female character. He is known to speak his way out of things with words and wits, has great martial arts and poison skills which comes in hand.

Omo, you don’t know the way I love his character so much. I have to say that the actor did a wonderful job in playing this character, every one of the characters in this drama did their best.

Another of my favourite is the Emperor, I love how different his character is, have you see an emperor that so relax with a messy hair and powerful that everyone fear him, sharp and cunning in everything.

Joy of life is a drama fill with so many twists and turns, one thing I like is that each event followed after another in a logical way.

Yes there was politics, and quite intriguing I have to say, why cause I found myself always on the edge of my seat while watching this, another thing is that the jealousy, backstabbing & revenge in this drama is top-notch.

There was hardly a dull moment in this drama and I love it when the main character is using his skills.

How can I forget the little boy that acted as Fan Xian when he was young, he definitely has potential, He was so adorable and vivacious that the scene in was vicious and phenomenal that I would not mind having had a few more episodes devoted to him. I believe that all the characters in this show were cast perfectly, fitting their role.

I loved all of them even the evil ones. My only issues with this drama is the main character love interest (Lin Waner) while it didn’t disturb me much; i feel like she was just a decoration maybe because she didn’t do anything, her character was rather bland, weak & disappointing.

I do like the actress (she was great in Princess Agents) but I didn’t like the character she was portraying I hope they do something for her character, and this is that one drama that I don’t give much thought to the romance in the drama because it was non-existence to me.

Uncle Wu is another favourite of mine, His character is la hot la everything, funny even though he doesn’t appear so, the handsome protector who helped raised Fan Xian and was also a servant of Fan Xian’s mother, his martial arts is very wicked in a sexy kind of way.

I love that he can come and go without making a single sound which can annoy Fan Xian, while he is strict and mature there were times when he went loose due to memories that were triggered and when he and Fan Xian clash they both bring out their best side, am not happy that many scenes while not giving to him. what a hottie and funny as hell.

I love the relationship Fan Xian has with his siblings and the rest of the cast whom he considers as friends; it’s deep and genuine, this is one of the drama that required full focus and understanding otherwise you are going to miss a lot in the dialogue.

The background music for this drama was spot on. Even though there was villain in the drama, the directors and writers show them in a way that made you understand their reason, because to live in that you need to be over sharp and alert that I kinda felt bad when they were killed.

Overall, I really enjoyed this drama. It’s funny and has great martial choreography. I didn’t expect to love it so much,. it’s one of my top five favourites drama of 2019.

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