Le Coup De Foudre

This one definitely is just so fluffy, life lesson and cute, the OST especially “Never Let You Go” is melodious, soothing and is perfectly appropriate for the story.


Frankly, I might have miss Le coup de foundre for the fact that I got tired of watching “High School To Adult Love” story plot, but cause I was in Janice Wu frenzy moment when I recently watched a drama of hers “Oriental Odyssey” thankfully I was able to watch the premiere of this drama cause it is one of the best of the best, it a drama that adapted from the popular Chinese novel, “I Don’t Like This World, I Only Like You” by Qiao Yi, which is also based on a true story of the author Qiao Yi and her husband.

Country: China 
Episodes: 35
Aired: Apr 29, 2019 – Jun 5, 2019
Aired On: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Network: QQLive, Youku
Duration: 45 min
Genres: Friendship, Romance, Life, Youth
Zhao Qiao Yi and Yan Mo may have been high school classmates but the only thing they had in common was the desk they shared in class. One a top student, the other failing miserably, these two couldn’t have been more different and yet, it doesn’t take long for a strong bond to form between them. Promising to study abroad together after high school, this unlikely pair seems to have the world before them. But when an unexpected family emergency forces Qiao Yi to back out on their plans the two drift apart and eventually lose touch.Four years later, the long-lost friends are reunited and old flames are quickly rekindled. 
Finally willing to accept her feelings for Yan Mo, Qiao Yi moves to the city, determined to pick things up where they left off all those years ago; but with Yan Mo already in a relationship, Qiao Yi’s love seems destined to fail. But is it really?
Unbeknownst to Qiao Yi, Yan Mo hasn’t forgotten his old friend, nor the feelings he has for her. Unable to express those feelings, Yan Mo chooses to keep his actions and his feelings a secret. Always moving in the background, he works tirelessly to take care of his high school friend; but how long will he be able to keep this up before she realizes the truth? (Source: Viki)

Honestly, for so long that I had been watching a drama that had a high school plot none come close as this one, cause of the feeling the way the character interact, the way the flashback was added to the scenes, the way it also focuses on friendship and other cast member thought I was not happy with them not giving us a glimpse of them in the final episodes, each and every character were so unique in their way and charm that it can not be describable.

Usually, when we watch dramas, there’s always like one or two characters that you do not like, but you literally cannot dislike anyone because of how well they all compliment each other.

Le coup de foundre focus had more to do with the question “HOW IS THE PERSON YOU LIKE BACK IN YOUR SCHOOLS DAYS DOING?” GC and WY are another character who love and protect their love.

As an audience I could feel the love GC had from WY right from high school but the cause of his trauma and scared that he will turn out to be like this father, GC is in denial of his feelings for WY And the uncle, oh dear, he is a friend indeed. I love how he’s protective of his friends and how he kept his friendship with QY despite what happened with his nephew.

This drama is down-to-earth and realistic than most romantic dramas out there and it hit you right in the feels and finding out it’s based on the author’s true experiences; A lot of youth Chines dramas starts with puppy love or unrequited love in their teen years and they would soon reunite years after.

This one definitely is just so fluffy, life lesson and cute, OST especially “Never Let You Go” is melodious, soothing and is perfectly appropriate for the story.

The following are some of the things I liked and disliked about this drama.


  • The actors who played the main leads were well picked. They display a chemistry that seems so real.
  • The cast as a whole was perfect. favourite couple besides the main couple is definitely her mother and father; the relationship between the lead actress parent, I will never have guess that he was her stepfather as an outsider, the appearance of the character was not over the top in terms of dressing, living situation thought at the end I was eyeing that “TESLA MODEL” car
  • I love and adored the bond that the siblings had, usually, sibling bonds are not shown in the positive light in dramas, it the best siblings bond that I had seen in Chinese drama I wish to have that special bond in life(but your girl is still running away) I love that they are always there for each other, he was her protector, her love, her confided, her everything.
  • The songs were amazing and the pacing of the story and the development of the characters were good.
  • The relationship YA MAO had with his mother while others might have called her name, for going after her career and YA MAO might have thrown a trauma but I see a strong woman who loves her career and her son but decided to pursue what made her happy thought she lived with regret not growing up with her son during his childhood, I love that she tries to give him space, not overcrowd him when she came back and protect him in every little way YA MAO allow cause they both understand each other although far and for the record YA MAO father is also similar though not much of his story was show except he had another family that he loved.



  • The cast hardly changed in appearances between the different timelines i.e. they have the same hairstyle even at the same lengths.
  • The final episode did not give me a glimpse of the others character or just a run view of their life or maybe I was greedy and I want more.


At first, I thought this was going to be a typical “smart guy and dumb girl” or a “girl that can never stand up for herself and needs the guy to protect her” type of drama but boy I was wrong. I really enjoyed how the writer and the director showed different relationship dynamics be it about family, friendship, or love. I think this is the most realistic one I have seen in a series.

There are some viewer that was in the opposition of their separation but I really get I love that plot was put into place like come on I believe high school without separation are usually doom, this allows them to grow individual and imma gonna feel awkward if my desk mate mother pay for my education and by the way, their relationship was never established at that moment it a relationship that was never talked about rather it was more of the go along with the flow kind of situation.

This drama will definitely make you laugh and smile wide, cry an ocean, and learn I got to said BOY THE KISS SCENES YOU ALLLL (NAH AM NOT BLUSHING) NO “GUY KILLING A WALL” SCENES.

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  • When it comes to expressing love between two people, ht your favourite way
  • What did you think, on the way am writing the pros and cons?

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