Nysc: Advise From an Ex Corper Living in Nigeria

Here are some instructions to remember before Nysc camping. 1. Make sure your luggage is and easy to carry. 2. Remember the camp duration is always 21 days.


Nysc advises from an ex-corper.

This is part II of the previous post on This Thing Called NYSC.

This list is almost all that I wish I knew before venturing into Camp. I might have skipped a few but do forgive me, I tend to have a treasured memory.

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Nysc khaki cloth on Novellisteer
Nysc khaki cloth on Novellisteer

Out of the way, here are some instructions to remember before going for the Nysc camping.

  1. Make sure your luggage is durable and easy to carry.
  2. Remember the camp duration is always 21 days.
  3. Just remember buying items in camp tends to be on the high end with an increase in price and quality.
  4. There are market places where Tailor, Salon laundrymen, provision store, eatery, side joint and ATM (optional) are available.
  5. On arriving at camp, you have the option of going to the accommodation lodge first to select the best before registration don’t be deceived by anyone it is always best to go for accommodation.
  6. After securing your sleeping area, make sure you lock it down by any means securely because sleeping space can be stolen.
  7. Always collect your meal ticket regardless of not eating the camp food and Sunday meal are the best among all meals and you can give to others without provision.
  8. Always keep your document in a file that is easy to access on camp arrival before registration.
  9. Keep in mind rules and regulation of each state camp differ from one another, some are strict and some are lenient.
  10. You will be checked properly and banned items will be seize at point of arrival.
  11. Make sure to Smile and look kindly on all, you never know who will help you.
  12. Ban items can be collected during the last week of camp.
  13. Ask Questions whenever you sight a queue in camp.
  14. Wake-up time is at 4:00 am and night out is by 10:00 pm, Think of it as being back in boarding school.
  15. You will be required to open a bank account after registration according to your platoon number regardless of having an account.
  16. Do bring enough cash along but don’t worry if you don’t, there are agents where you collect cash and transfer the amount to them with a fee.
  17. Spend wisely, and don’t be deceived by anybody (for me I make sure I account for every penny I spend which made me spend less than I can imagine).
  18. If your Camp kits are small or big in size you can exchange with others that are looking for that particular size, make sure you announce it or even glue a notice in your hostel.
  19. You are going to be so busy for the parade, lecture SDG and others that you will not have time for yourself; ladies make sure you have a simple, easy-to-hold hairstyle and the guys make sure you have low well-maintained hair.
  20. You can have sex as much as you want, you want to in that environment. But if you insist, practice safe sex.
  21. Don’t ever leave your phone for even a second, YES there are some professional thief in camp.
  22. Don’t even think of bringing expensive items to camp unless you can easily replace them without complaint.
  23. Always carry your valuable items in your fanny pack and make sure to sleep with your fanny pack and have it in the back of your mind that you might lose some items.
  24. Some camps are stricter with nights out and parades than others.
  25. 80% of the ladies soldier will be jealous of you except it and embraces it.
  26. There are different SDG trying to entice you, chose wisely and thoughtful.
  27. At the end of camp, after collecting your PPA (place of primary placement) letter, find your PPA support Group they usually come to camp to pick up Corper.
  28. Try as much as possible to arrive at the arena, just cause this is Nigeria and there are always ghost seat.
  29. No soldiers are entitled to flog you but they are entitled to punishment and you never want to expect from a soldier punishment.
  30. Be prepared that your camp kits are usually of low – middle-grade quality.
  31. Always bring nourishments along with you to the parade ground, no one wants to faint.
  32. Always make sure your kits contain the following (1 Khaki Jacket, 1 Khaki pair of trousers, 1 Khaki Cap, 1 Orange Boot, 2 Sock, 2 White shirts, 2 White shorts, 1 White Snicker, and 1 Khaki Belt, 1 NYSC Shirt ) before leaving the point of collection.
  33. Lot of standing, exercise and training will be carried out during camp.
  34. Learn as many skills as you can after camp cause you never know which one will be useful.
  35. You will be given a platoon number and card after registration.
  36. Do make sure to bring more than one sim card from a different network.
  37. You can join a program or club that allows you to miss parades and lectures, but there can be fun in participating.
  38. Just know that NYSC is a land of rumours and the ability to filter them is power.

Congratulation to you all!! on the next journey

That a lot of tips I generated, am exhausted, if I miss any, will make sure to update the list if I remember any.

Keep in mind that the first week are usually exhausted than the third week, If you need more tips on how to navigate after NYSC camp be sure to let me know in the comment.

Let Chat

  • What missing from the list?
  • Are you an ex-corper?
  • How was your experiences?
  • Which activity camp was your favourite?

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