Let It All Burn: A Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel Review

Let it all burn is a paranormal fictional about a woman who’s hot flashes start fires (pretty cool right!), but it can be dangerous!


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Let it All Burn is an intriguing paranormal fiction book authored by Denise Grover Swank that steps away from the usual narratives we encounter. This novel centres on the life of a woman in her forties, navigating life as a single mother to three children following a recent divorce. What makes this story stand out is its break from the conventional portrayal of female characters in literature. It delves deep into themes of motherhood, female empowerment, and the essence of family.

The book doesn’t shy away from exploring complex emotions and situations such as the guilt often felt by mothers, the intricacies of relationships, and the journey towards finding one’s own voice amidst the chaos of life. It addresses the challenge of building self-esteem and the beautiful process of personal growth. “Let it All Burn” is more than just a story; it’s a reflection on the real-life struggles and triumphs of women, making it a refreshing and empowering read.

Released: February 18 2020
Darcie Weatherby has a full plate—a preteen and sixteen-year-old twins, a wayward grandmother, a nightmare boss, and a manipulative ex-husband. The last thing she needs is hot flashes.

Especially ones that start fires.

But like most single mothers, Darcie sucks it up and deals with it, because what else can she do? The kids need to be fed, her grandmother needs supervising, and her demanding boss needs placating.

Burning her boss’s house down was a total accident.


It doesn’t take long before Darcie realizes she’s running on borrowed time. Unless she figures out a way to get these hot flashes under control, there’s a very good chance she’ll spontaneously combust at the Founder’s Day Masquerade Ball and leave her children motherless. There’s no way in hell—or Perry’s Fall, Ohio—Darcie will let that happen.

Never underestimate the determination of a mother.

Especially a smokin’ hot one.


Let it All Burn presents an incredibly unique story about a woman whose hot flashes have the extraordinary ability to start fires – yes, it’s as cool as it sounds, but it comes with its dangers! Beyond its humorous premise, the novel is a deep dive into the resilience and love of a mother. After her husband leaves her, the protagonist discovers an immense inner strength and a fierce love for her children that she never knew she had. The book skillfully balances entertainment with a touch of mystery surrounding her family’s history, revealing that things are not always as they appear. Importantly, the author approaches the subject without resorting to clichés or making fun of the stereotype of a middle-aged woman.

The character, Darcie, might initially come across as someone easily pushed around, stuck in an unfulfilling job. However, as the story unfolds, readers have the privilege of witnessing her transformation into a confident, protective mother and woman. This journey is especially poignant as it tackles the often-dreaded process of aging for women past their forties.

Patience is key with “Let it All Burn,” as the plot thickens significantly after the first two or three chapters. By the third quarter of the book, the narrative shifts dramatically from a paranormal comedy with romantic undertones to a gripping suspense and thriller, ensuring a compelling read right to the last page.

I appreciated the way the story unfolded seamlessly and how it featured a heroine, Darcie, who is over 40. It’s refreshing to see a narrative that delves into the genuine challenges and experiences tied to that stage of life.

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I was particularly moved by the moment Darcie undergoes a personal rebirth, making the empowering choice to embrace her current age rather than revert to a younger version of herself. Her relationships with her children stand out as a highlight of the book, showcasing beautifully detailed family dynamics and characters with depth and complexity.


I appreciated the natural flow of the story and how it portrayed Darcie, the protagonist, who is over 40. It’s refreshing to see real issues associated with that age being addressed. The moment when Darcie experiences her rebirth and decides to embrace her current age rather than revert to a younger self was particularly striking for me.

Her relationship with her children stands out as a highlight of the book. The family dynamics, characterized by genuine interaction and complex characters, added depth to the narrative. I’m eager to see how future instalments will delve deeper into the family’s dynamics, especially in how they adjust to Darcie’s transformation and the introduction of a new family member.

It’s rare to come across a ‘Paranormal’ book that steers clear of dark and sinister themes, yet this book manages to be light-hearted and comedic, particularly in its treatment of the fire incidents (though, of course, fire safety is no laughing matter in real life).

The portrayal of the ex-husband as an irredeemable jerk adds a layer of anticipation for the readers, many of whom are likely eager to witness his comeuppance as the series progresses. While Nikki’s house catching fire at the beginning of the story felt like a subplot that could have been explored further, it doesn’t detract from the overall enjoyment.

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The inclusion of Greek mythology was a delightful twist, enriching the story’s backdrop. The pacing of the story was handled skillfully, neither feeling rushed nor dragging, leading to a satisfying conclusion that has a wide appeal. Denise’s talent for descriptive writing brought several moments of levity, making me laugh out loud as I read. I’m hopeful that the sequel will continue to explore these elements, maintaining the humour that made this book such a joy to read.

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