20 Journaling Prompts That You Can Try

Here are 20 Intention Prompts To Set In thIS year. 1. How can I create the life that I want in 2023? What do I need to do before that? 2. What are the top 3 things i do not want to bring into 2023 from 2022?


Journaling and Intentional Setting Prompts are listed down below for you to try.

Hi Listeer,

I hope you had the most nourishing holiday and are enjoying this beautiful, funky week between Christmas & New Year. Even though the holiday is my favourite for two reasons,

  1. I get to listen to the holiday song
  2. See how everyone is running up and down trying to finish up their last year’s goal.

While am dancing to the music and watching them cause I took the month off from my goal and whatever intention I have for 2021 as it rather the time to reflect, ask questions, go deep, set intentions, and take time off while the world is busy focusing on making sure they beat 2021 time.

Journaling Prompts

I had the quietest December as I’m living apart from my parents and family at the moment, also I did start setting intentions, and goals for each year quite early, so 80% of what am doing is the task for the next year rather than the current year.

As one of my tasks, before I take a 2 to 3 weeks break, I want to leave you with some intention-setting and journaling prompts for a special new year ritual.

This can be done on New year’s day, Eve or any day leading or following up, it all depends on you as maybe you are still figuring out what the hell was the year all about.

Before you start, I want to leave a message for you

Don’t get too caught up in all the feelings. each year is yours to grab hold to, and you are calling in all of the universe & using all the tactics in life! Get Comfortable, grab your pen and paper, and let those intentions fly.


Journaling Prompt To Set This Year

Here are 20 Journaling Prompt To Set this year

  1. What have been my top achievements of 2022, and how did I feel when I achieved them? How did I know that I have achieved them? How can I bring in more of that feeling in 2023?
  2. What is my theme for the year 2023? Why did I pick that theme? Did it resonate with me throughout the year?
  3. How did I define my “FAILURE” in 2022? What is my top 3 failure? What should I have done better in terms of my feeling confronting my failure? What should I have done better so I would not have failed?
  4. What lesson did 2022 teach me about myself and how is set an intention?
  5. What do I need to leave behind in 2022 that helped me achieve success yet is draining?
  6. What are the top 3 things I do not want to bring into 2022 from 2023?
  7. What is my general thought about my life in 2022?
  8. What is that feeling I want to achieve in 2022 using a paragraph?
  9. Describe in 3 individual words, my theme for 2023. How would I achieve that?
  10. What is the one small thing I want to achieve in 2022? How will I know I have achieved that? How would I achieve that?
  11. Who did I want to include in my life in 2023? How will I make sure that I feel good about them throughout 2023? Are there any things I need to establish with that person before moving forward?
  12. What is my greatest desire that I did not achieve in 2022, that I want to achieve now in 2023?
  13. How can I create the life that I wanted in 2023? What do I need to do before that?
  14. What is my personal goal? Why is that goal personal to me?
  15. How were my mental health and well-being in 2022? What habit did I follow that I want to bring in 2023?
  16. How was my money goal? Was I happy with where I am currently? What habits do I need to cultivate more in 2023? What routine do I need to discard?
  17. What is 1 overall intention I would like to set in 2023?
  18. How is my behaviour toward my time (as I stingy or lenient with it)? What should I have done better when it comes to having time for myself?
  19. What is the one big thing I want to achieve this year? How will I know I have achieved that? How would I achieve that?
  20. What habits, processes or mindset that I need to develop in 2023 that would allow me to be intentional about 2023?

Regardless of how whether you pick some or use all the journaling prompts, I hope they inspire you to get intentional about 2023, one thing I learned in 2022 is to never fully intentionally prompt all areas of your life but those areas that you want to be intentional about.

One thing that would help you when setting journaling prompts, is having self-confidence and sadly we are not born with it.

On The Blog: Read this blog post on 6 practical ways to build your self-confidence.

I hope this prompt brings a smile and satisfaction to your face, and Thank you for being a part of our very special part of Novellisteer in 2023!

Let Chat

  • What are the top 3 things you do not want to bring into 2022 from 2021?
  • How sincere are you when setting your ambition?
  • Are you a pen-and-paper or digital kind of person?

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