How I Plan My Month in 2021

Here is the step I follow where it comes to planning my month.
Going through my previous month bucket list.
Setting a theme for the month.


Hello friend, it is a new month and that I want to tell you a happy new month of November.

First of all, I have no idea how to start this post like there is this outline in my head, how I want this post to turn out but then I realized that if I actually implement that vision, that plan I would end up not writing this post, as the title said this a how I plan with my month.

Without further noise, here is the step that I plan my month; sometimes in order and others times not.

Going through my previous month bucket list

This is a list table that I recently start using, where every month I write down a list of tasks I want to accomplish for that month, therefore before I take a step further; I do go over those list to see which is important and which I come bring over to the next month.

Previous month feeling

This is more about finding out my mental state during that month, things like what I learnt, what I lack and what I longed for as I try to keep it to a minimum of five lists each.

Setting a theme for the month

I pick a word maximum of two of what I want to feel or do for that month it could be something as simple as flexibility while working my word around the task I need to accomplish.

List out one goal in each area of life

Yep I know, I have read a lot of resources that said we should keep it to 3 top goals, I try following that there are times that it was working yet there are days that’s not working; once thing I realized is that I have so many things going on In my life and picking only 3 would stress me out more, rather what I do it pick one goal in five areas of my life (academic, career, business, wellbeing and so on), plan my calendar around it.

Listing out task

Yeah, apart from listing out my goal; I love being specific about the task that would lead me to be happy and confident about my goal for the month and occasionally I put a duration around that task.

Weekly goal

Yes, as the name suggests; I split the month into weeks and write out only 3 top priorities that need to be accomplished for that week.


Now is when I put a timeline for my task, I mostly create a weekly list and work my way around inserting the list to the day and week I want to accomplish that task or an aspect of the task that would lead me to work on my goal.

Finally, that is what I do whenever I plan my month, one thing I do tell myself is to be realistic about my task and the time.

Let Chat

  • How do you plan your month?
  • Are you a planner?
  • Throught your yea of planning, what your favourite ste that you never miss out?

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