Gank Your Heart Review

The experience turns out to be a blessing in disguise as Qiu Ying finds her calling.


Gank your heart is that one Chinese drama is one that revolve around E-sport, a bit like The King Avatar with the game and stuff, the acting was really good that it seamed real, the chemistry between the character and music was good too, i would totally re-watch it but probably from the middle (episode 22) onward.

Also Known As: Pei Ni Dao Shi Jie Zhi Dian , Accompany you to the top of the world
Genres: Romance, Youth, Sports.


Their meeting was a recipe for disaster, but their romance is sweet. This is a love story between an e-sports gamer and a Tsundere live streamer.  Ji Xiang Kong had the reputation, the good looks and the hoards of fangirls. 
Qiu Ying meets him during an international competition and jumps at the chance to boost her own popularity, oblivious to the fact that his reputation in the world of e-sports is strangely tarnished. Instead of helping her, the association hurt her even more. The experience turns out to be a blessing in disguise as Qiu Ying finds her calling. 
By chance, she discovers that he is actually a misunderstood genius. (Source:

I never think i would had watch this drama so soon, if not because of Wang Yi Bo who play as Ji Xiang Kong, i was curious how a person who act as someone who hardly talk in The Untamed, then i was capture by the sport and later stay for the adrenaline rush now i wish i could be a com-mentor or a game narrator.

Despite the pile on of misunderstandings in the beginning, Our lead all had their reasons for doing what they did, while the drama is relatively short in term of Chinese Drama, I never felt it was draggy while I was watching, maybe because we are introduced to lots of conflict in the drama and they were decently solve i would said.

They went through hell and back together and they are so considerate of each others. let me just said they are each other support and enemy.

One of the things i love about this drama is that Xk is not your typical drama hero found in most modern Chinese drama, he was a mystery to everyone around him include me the viewer , why we were never giving a glimpse of his past, i might had hate the PD a little there yet i understand because i had come to realize that “A PAST DOES NOT MAKE A PERSON“

I love how it shows us the importance of friendship, teamwork and how it contributes to success. Ji Xiang Kong and Qui Ying compliment each other as they become each others biggest supporters and admirers in this drama. They went through hell and back together and they are so considerate of each others. let me just said they are each other support and enemy.

Gank your heart made me cry, laugh, feel emotional inside! If a drama or movie made me cry, laugh smile whenever am thinking about it or the OST the trust that drama will be on my high list ! Of course there are some flaws and complain (mostly that they want more) but I really enjoyed it while others are complaining about the relationship between the two lead i was digging it cause it show me how relationship in real life work.

The second lead couple ARE SO CUTE with their fights and bickering always make me laugh i swear and i was so in for the head path or throwing the hand over shoulder scene anytime that happen my teeth is always showing.

There is hardly any drama with out it own set of ANTAGONISTS and there were two QIAO XIN AND MI YA which i wish to give a slap every times they arrive on the scene, cause they pissing me off with they steeping over others and yes i do feel that the antagonists stayed around for too long even where they have their goal and they ended up being way too focus on their target, to the point of being detrimental to their own goals.

While they also have there own redemption i would had not accepting if it was not because of the game cause like i said the game heal lot of wound and it made me realize that the game itself it FAMILY!

The OST were amazing and overall, and i found my 3 favorite song to listen to! i have to said this year was pretty good when it come to Drama OST!!

This drama throw a lot at us like both lead’s turbulent relationship, career and massive changes with lots of hate and doubt thrown against them, Qiu Ying’s family issue, the e-sport industry, perception of gaming as a newbie and old-bie, the dream of winning the championship and that camaraderie among your teammates, multiple supporting characters character development, the drama definitely covered a lot, and I so love the supportive environment our characters created for themselves.

But overall the acting was great, especially Qui Ying’s given the fact that she’s fairly new in the acting industry. The competition scenes were something else OMG i could feel my Adrenaline pumping, am not even a gamer but those scene got me sitting on the edge of my seat and whenever they said Next Wave Attack gosh i nearly give myself an attack there.

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