Doing The Right Thing As A Multipotentialite

Am officially and proudly start blogging early this month and this is when I decided to build novellisteer to a business or a vision of what I have for the brand.


Doing the right thing, like how did you know you are doing the right thing as the world is more than black and white.

Hi Friend,

Today we are going to talk about my journey what had happened. and whether am finally getting it right.

Am officially proud of starting Novellisteer as a blog early this year and that is also when I decided to build novellisteer to a business or a vision of what I have for the brand.

Now what I mean by this was I invested in this brand by going self-hosting, buying a theme, working on a brand playbook and buying tripod plus ring light, yes it might be huge or small depending on how you view but it is huge for me cause I spent the better 2020 saving for this and working on gaining clarity ( that which am still working on).

Another I want you to know is that I never really feel like I belong cause I don’t have a domain name or have my own site now this is not caused by imposter syndrome but I feel like am not contributing to my life as I was contributing to those platform than my own platform it like I was threading on a got ground that suddenly I would wake up one day and vamoose, all years worth of content on that platform is gone cause of one issue to the others.

All this more was the reason I was invested in getting my own website, am working on making sure I gain more clarity on my vision, picking the right goal and figuring out how to tie all my idea into one umbrella known as Novellisteer.

If you know me from 2019, you know that I started with a pop culture blog that focuses on talking about books and Asian drama, that website still exists just grew out of it as I learn that there are so many things, I want to share and rather than during it on different name why not look for common ground and start then all on Novellisteer.

Not only did investing in Novellisteer increase my confidence it also earn me a book blog feature on twinkl.

“We have been recently included in the most recent article <Twinkl’s top picks for book bloggers> by the international educational publisher, Twinkl – you can read more here.” 

Happy dance!

Honestly, who would have thought?

I remember receiving the email, I was excited at the moment and yet conflicted as I believe their audiences were not going to be interested in reading about my blog not cause of imposter syndrome but because I was been rationale and I assumed their audiences were going to be children, that which I explain my concern thankfully the editor that reaches out to me explain more on that.

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So now, your girl finally got her feature should I call this a press release, like a girl this is boasting my confidence in creating a press kit next year.

Don’t forget to check out the publication blog, the link can be found at the beginning of the article.

Let Chat

  • When do you know you are finally doing the right thing?
  • How do you measure how far you have gone?
  • Tell me, do you check out the publication article?


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