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Maiden Holmes is a drama with little flaw that you can overlook cause the kinship and chemistry


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Maiden Holmes is a Chinese drama with quite an unexpected character, yet it has its flaw quite a number which you can overlook cause the kinship and chemistry between the character made up the flaw (Just saying).

Drama details
Native Title: 少女大人
Also Known As Shao Nu Da Ren
Director: Li Xiao Jiang
Genres: Historical, Mystery, Comedy, Romance
Country: China
Episodes: 32
Aired: Aug 27, 2020 - Sep 10, 2020
Watched on: WeTv and YouTube
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It is the sixth century CE and the Qi Kingdom, in what is now Eastern China, is a land at war.
The young teenage prince Xiao Yan Zhi, a prodigal young military talent, is sent to ward off a force of invaders. Although he makes a valiant effort, his army is ultimately ambushed and defeated in a decisive battle. 
An opportunist foe at the imperial court takes advantage of the situation, forcing Pei Yan Zhi to step down as head of the army – and manages to get a young subservient candidate to take the throne. Pei Yan Zhi feels he was betrayed. 
He vows to get to the bottom of the intrigue and goes undercover to investigate, pretending to be a commoner to help him work undetected. On his quest for the truth, he meets a remarkably smart and resourceful young female detective named Su Ci. 
Together, they form a close bond. They team up with two other quick-witted young sleuths and make a joint bid to discover the scale of the scheming that has undermined the Imperial Palace.

For a newcomer,l Zhang Linghe really impresses by his debut performance in the drama as Prince Qi, I believe he is one of the actors to watch out for.

This is the first time am watching Sebrina Chen drama even though another drama of her was airing, was intrigued enough to check and the drama goodness was nice.

Maiden Holmes Character

Prince of Qi (Zhang Ling He) is a prince who behaves like one without power and spend the time in a brothel yet with a plan to survive, he had a great relationship with his younger who is am emperor and queen dowager, a nemesis of his uncle who wants the throne and the army power, allow the way, he meets and falls in love with Su Ci who is disguised as a man working as a high-level investigator with the determination to seek the secret of her clan sentence and readdress justice.
Su ci is portrayed as someone who is unbiased and a great investigator, while her character is authentic, I think what still bothers me is how no one in the investigating agency could see her crossdressing disguise.

The drama follows the journey of the main character with their friends, a medical genius, a skilled swordsman and the best cook, they make an ideal team with enviable friendship.

The way Pei Zhao and Su Ci interact together is eye-opening cause right from episode 2 they begin to work hand in hand, solving crimes and unfolding a bigger conspiracy accidentally, mid drama, I was so pissed off at the writer when a misunderstanding occurs, cause it was comforting how they trusted each other, thankfully the misunderstanding they have were resolved immediately cause of the honesty that exists between them.

One of my favourite things in this drama was them holding hands, being so mature about their relationship, prince Qi is one devoted lover.

When It comes to the detective side of the drama, there is no build-up of suspense and excitement in the gradual reveal of the case may because the main characters hardly interact with the characters in the cases and the investigations seem to largely involve the four friends solving the case by talking to each other, occasionally there is some twist at the end of the case.

There is always going to be the main villain, I dislike how they left the revealing of the villain to the character until the last moment this is largely due to the drama focusing on the romance side.

The ending is concluded properly with justice been served rightly.

Maiden Holmes is that one drama that combines crime and romance and show more skinship and affection between the character, and if you are someone watching for a good crime, this would be a disappointment.

Let Chat

  • Have you watched maiden Holmes?
  • What is your thought? Even though this is a great dance drama, the detective side leaves much to be desire.
  • Which Asian country have the best detective drama?

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