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Ditched by Holly Hart had us guessing from the very beginning who was the blackmailer  and finding out the reason behind it all was surprising.


Ditched by Holly Hart was something we decide to read during one of those moments of ours (needed romance), which I was not disappointed cause I was curious enough to finish, for the life of me enough to wonder, if it was left in the altar kind of plot or my husband to be is a killer plot.

Since “Ditched by Holly Hart” was portrayed more as a romance than a suspense book, the suspense was a surprise. We were able to enjoy the book though once we got going on it. This book drew us in from the moment Dev did his swan dive. The synopsis was inaccurate because, about halfway through, we realized that the mystery came first and the romance came second.

Ditched by Holly Hart Synopsis

Ditched by Holly Hart

He gave me a baby… But will he give me a second chance?


We were just kids. It was just a prank, but it ended in disaster. I lost everything, even the man I was meant to marry. It was the only way to protect my soul mate. Even if it left him hating me…

Now someone knows what we did. I should run away and hide. But I’ve been running too long. I can’t deny myself any longer. I need Max back in my life. If we were in a horror movie, this would be the part where you realize I’ve been the villain all along

There are seven friends who have been close for a long time. When Kate’s wedding to Max was scheduled, something happened that caused her to flee. As a model, Kate was residing in London.

Wes was in London as well, and they stayed friends. They learn later that one of their friends had died by suicide. What forced him to act in this way? Then they all receive notes threatening to reveal their secrets unless they commit a despicable act.


This is not your typical romance. It’s more a who-done-it mystery. Definitely not what I was expecting. So much sadness in this book. The book was good and the twists were as well.

The plot centres on seven friends who attended high school together and who all share a secret about what happened when they attempted to play a practical joke on a bully classmate. The main characters of this tale are Kate and Max, who plan to wed after graduating. Without providing an explanation, Kate abandons Max at the altar.

Ten years later, Kate and one of her high school friends are still in their hometowns, while the other five of them have moved to London.

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This is where the story takes an interesting turn of events.

All seven of the friends find themselves the victims of a blackmailer who is sending them all messages that he/she knows what happened long ago when they were in high school and that if they do not follow along with what they are asked to do the secret they all share will be revealed.

This book “Ditched by Holly Hart” had us guessing from the very beginning who the person was blackmailing Kate, Max and their friends and why they were doing it, and it was not surprising when the truth comes out but the reason behind it all was surprising. Finally, Max and Kate are able to work out their differences and Kate is able to tell Max why she left him all those years ago.

Final Thought

Let’s start at the beginning, where I was confused about more chapters than I would have liked, unfortunately for me, some of that confusion was never cleared up.

The story itself was a twisted story of high school friends with an accident that came back to haunt them but also Kate and Max finding each other after ten years apart. If you like twisted suspense, mystery, or who does it, then you’d probably really enjoy it.

We live for a twist of mystery but we felt that it was a little too long and drawn out and there are answers we never got. Why did Dev do what he did and why did Rachel do what she did? we feel like those points weren’t really answered.

And what was the locker room incident between Matt and Wes?? we feel like knowing that would’ve made us understand Wes a little better.

Will these make them have a united front and look out for each other or are they going their separate ways? What was the conversation that trigger Racheal? So many questions left to answer.

But overall it is not bad and will highly recommend it if you need a twisted plot. This is not your typical romance. It’s more a who-done-it mystery. Definitely not what we were expecting.

So much sadness in this book. The book was good and the twists were as well.

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  • If you have not read the book, are you planning to?

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