Daily Habit That Is Keeping Me Sane

Daily Habits That would actually keep you sane. 1. Morning Routine. 2. Snacking. 3. Taking your vitamin. 4. Having a Theme.


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The school has officially resumed for the second semester while am dreading every second of it, I decide to talk about those daily habits that had been keeping sane, as I have not even recovered from the previous semester with April not been my best month, I really want to ditch school for this month cause I finally discover that I can confidently succeed without academic as a frontier.

I want to spend May creating content and eating out not in cause I do gate cooking mmmm should look for a partner that can cook and want someone who can eat ( Am not kidding here), I spent the better part of the first week of May re-planning my Quarterly goal and restructuring my calendar.\

As someone who had been planning for 5 years now, ( Wo ? time really flew by), I do have to tell you that to me planning is not a constraint but a path to freedom I see for myself and there is no way you are going to be a perfect planner like it take times even your girl is still struggling with 50% of everything.

Planning to me is having the freedom to lay down the path to freedom, see it, grab it, and take control of it, when it comes to planning out my daily life it’s one of the best centres happens to me because it gives me that control to see the end of the day and to lay out my mood, yes there had been a time the unexpected had to happen most of the time, it doesn’t stress me out, cause am always someone who lives with the mindset that anything can happen.

While there is a lot of pretty perfect planner out there, am someone with terrible handwriting and my planner design keep changing based on my mood and why not, for a while I was ashamed of showing outsider my planner cause it not insta worthy or so I thought ?.

Yet it mine, while it easy, changeable and messy it works! However, you can really get as creative as you want. there is a lot of creative option out there, check Pinterest and you will not be disappointed.

So now lemme tell you a little bit about them

Daily habit that is keeping me sane.


You all have no idea how much I love a slow mornin and intentionally take my time before I rush to whatever task that needs to be done.

Whenever I found myself tired and exhausting from the previous day, honestly morning routine is what keeping sane. presently at the moment, I wish am living near the school so I could have more time to myself but I actually enjoy my neighbourhood just the distance is not working for me.

Morning Routine give me the chances to map out my day in my mind while pretending to take a sip of tea ( stop taking tea cause of my weight), when it comes to my routine, I have exercise, morning page, prayer, social media, podcast and procrastination.


This is something I highly recommend whether you are a student or entrepreneur, meditation keeps you grounded, allow you to relaxed while catching up with the feeling in you.

Meditation is something I do quite frequently and something that most people fail to understand is your mind don’t have to be in turbulence before you can meditate and the best thing is that there is no limit to it.


What, are you surprised by this?

For whatever reason I found out that I tend to function more when I watch an episode of a drama on the random favourite scene on YouTube, I guess this is because that tells me that am not in a hurry to do this, doing this actually calm my mind by a lot that my day is going to be calm and relaxed full of confident, cause I got this.


Maybe it causes, am still young or cause I lack communication skill, that my inbox, slack is never overwhelming like I have 5 emails and none are overflowing with plus one mail and slack is just for update and giving my six sense.

I do dedicate 30 minutes to check my LinkedIn, Slack and email.

Finding a theme using Pinterest

Oh yes, for someone who had been using Pinterest for a while now there is something called the rabbit hole but now we have TikTok for that ?.

Checking Pinterest daily for me is to find some beautiful aesthesia for the way I feel for that day; this could be a picture or quotes anything that works as a theme for the day.


Hehe, I actually thought of not putting it here, But it is water! Previously, I was not a fan of drinking water early in the morning, what with the mouth unwashed and whatnot, but since finding out that water cleanses your system if taking before eating, now I drink every morning which I try to drink 50Cl in the mornin.


This is a habit I have been doing for more than a decade, thank Book goddess for the internet, one thing I dislike is having to take a physical book everywhere for the fear of year and crumbles yes am that type of person who is going to cry internally if anything should happen to my book, do you know how much I bought that book, yes even if it less than 500, it still my money at the end of the day so believe me that internal tear is worth it.

For this habit, it could be any book it actually doesn’t have to be specific, as I have all of these books that I want to dig into, but I can never seem to find the right time to do that, ya know? maybe it cause I love absorbing knowledge and scared of missing out on learning anything.


I’ve been some vitamin supplements for a while, which can be pretty expensive but it helps, like my brain, is more active, I don’t look sick nor feel sick and my skin is improving.


You probably have heard of this type of journaling, there are quite a number of journalling available to use, my top five favourites is mornin page, as someone who hardly has one to talk or sometimes I feel like I talk and worry too much, having a morning page allow me to let my talk ran free and I write in it daily.

Personally, for me, there are no rules to writing a morning page as long as it writing in the morning or before you start any tedious take for the day.

oh yes, didn’t explain mornin page, basically it a notebook where you write out your thought, worry, dream, idea anything you want with no limitation.


Snacking in a healthy way oh, am someone who gets hungry by the hour yet. or of cook food but mostly uncooked for that reason I do but milk, biscuit and cereal around for whenever I feel like munching on something.

So, that’s all for now! Am actually happy that am sharing these daily happen that are keeping me sane, finger crossed that I follow through with a weekly habit.


  • Do you have a morning page?
  • What is the daily Habit that keeping you grounded?
  • I love some book recommendations, cared to share?
  • Do you have any questions you’d like me to answer?
Love Nafisa

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