First Thought   I actually carry out a poll to decide what i should read on my Instagram and it was decided that His To…


First Thought


I actually carry out a poll to decide what i should read on my Instagram and it was decided that His To Princess by Theodora Taylor & Bianca Pierce.

I kinda was judging on whether to read this book or not cause of the bad boy prince familiar story plot, collaboration of two author even thought i had only read Theodora Taylor books and I admire her writing, setting and it is a great things I read the book and met some wonderful people on the journey to read.


Al was so much more than a veteran squatter…. HE IS A ROYAL! He was “none other than Prince Aldrich Gerulf Pierre de Chanval du Fort, Crown Prince of Les Iles de la Victoire also know as the Bad Boy Prince of Victoire.”

There is humor, deception, twists and turns, friendships and greed but more importantly their WAS love all around this one.

Talia and Al’s romance was a charming love story. They say the best relationships start out as friendships , and Talia and Al’s were no different.

The only problem was they also started off on half truths and lies by omission on Al’s part. Once Talia found out the truth she had to decide on whether to give him another chance or walk away.

Am intrigued by Talia she remind me of lot of people who are not able to confront their parent in term of career prospects and adventures.

Aldrich is unspoken and oh I need to get my way, cause am right; which is definitely not a city girl need in her life.

I actually like the reason that Aldrich break up with his fiance is a based on an aliment cause I love that the other side was the one to cancel the marriage not him.

I kinda of understanding arranged marriage and how awkward it tends to be when the groom is the one to back out cause of another and humiliating enough for the bride and it allow her to be grateful even thought the reader never met her PER SE.


One of the book highlight is that Talia knows her right and she is reared to used it, if Aldich violate any rule, her family were fully in support of her regardless of her action which we hardy get from most book , like seriously how the hell will you think of abducting someone without a said or thinking of consequence i just said oh i get a right to her since she is my woman.

Some of my favorite character are Ella (Talia mother) and Yasmin (Aldrich mom) and Bernard they bought another set of craziness to the picture.


Finding out you are secretly a prince, and that you think I am going to marry you is NOT romantic! she shrieks at him. What on earth ever gave you the right to treat me this way? And knowing me like you do, how could you even think I ever agree to something like this!?


Final Thought
Am actually intrigued by the lash out by Talia after the surprise marriage that was spring in her not even a proposal Aldrich got gut to think she is just gonna go along with the plan.

Her lash out is one of my favorite in all marriage announcement without one partner consent cause I had seen plenty but not enough lash out.


Ms. Taylor and Ms Pierce penned a great funny romantic read, I was waiting for Theodora Taylor style of writing but it really does not feel like her.

It’s an okay story; I have read some of Ms. Taylor books so I was excited when I saw this book. However, note to self usually when an author writes with another author their style of writing gets lost in the story.

The book thankfully is entertaining and amusing with lot of interesting characters.

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