A Little Thing Called Love

I love that this drama bring some emotion to the table, making me like their little quarrels and the way they argue with each other kinda makes me feel single.


At the beginning, i thought this chinese drama called A Little Thing Called Love, was going to be like those high school cringe first love of a thing where the girl follow the guy everywhere this drama also reminds me of le coup de foundre check out the review and the music were okay I have two favourites there link is below

Tells the story of an ordinary girl who falls head over heels for the most popular guy in school.
Xia Miao Miao is a shy, artistic student who develops a crush on a handsome, talented classmate and embarks on a journey of self-discovery through college. Because of Liang You Nian, Xia Miao Miao decides to make a change. Through the help of her friends, she starts to learn about fashion, join school clubs, and studies hard to raise her grades. Her ordinary life becoming more colorful by the day.

There had been lot of high school, first love drama but this drama tick that and more, it quickly become of my favorite first love drama even with it flaw cause it isn’t the freshest show out there.

This Chinese drama is a remake of Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Thai which I never watch so no talk on their difference).

Crazy Little Thing Called Love (Thai original story)
Screenwriter: Zhao Qian Qian
Genres: Comedy, Romance, School, Drama, Family
Episodes: 36
Aired: Oct 23, 2019 - Nov 21, 2019
Original Network: Hunan TV
Duration: 45 min.
Content Rating: 13+ - Teens 13 years
Theme Song – Chu Lian 初恋 by Lai Guan Lin (our male lead!) Song Link
Ming Yun 命运 by Li Yi Ling Song Link

Xia Miao Miao is a very shy, artistic student who develops a crush on a handsome, talented classmate and embarks on a journey of self-discovery through college. Because of Liang You Nian, Xia Miao Miao decides to make a change. Through the help of her friends, she starts to learn about fashion, join school clubs, and studies hard to raise her grades. Her ordinary life becoming more colourful by the day.

I have no idea that this drama exists and even if it does, I probably ignore it cause I would believe, it just like every other first love drama, until I came across a clip of the drama on YouTube and the song that person used was quite catchy which lead me to watch the drama and I have to said that it proves to be different, the chemistry between the lead is top-notch not that I even know anything about chemistry or love and seeing how young the cast is, they did a great job of portraying their characters. The way the school life and relationship was portrayed feels organic, the story is beautiful. I like how they made the story more complete and satisfying, the actor in the drama was well develop for someone finding themselves, the actress playing Miao Miao is so cute and beautiful most especially the braces and braid part.

“The reason why we study is that we want to improve what we don’t know.”

A little thing called Love tell the story of how a timid girl try to become a better version of herself, thinking of ways to discover yourself does not always have to been because you found your purpose it can be because of other things, that one lesson I learn.

In the beginning, Miao Miao follows her dream because of You Nian where she follows him to the same university, thankfully along the way; it was because she wants it for herself, and not just for somebody else. It’s also an encouraging story especially for students who find college difficult and with enthusiasm and hard work, Miao Miao proved it possible.

“The reason why we study is because we want to improve what we don’t know.”

What I love most about this drama is the development the female lead, Xia Miao Miao had, like she grew up from a timid and shy girl into a brave, confident, and independent girl because of her friends and because of her beloved Liang You Nian.

Another interesting thing, I note is that all those change don’t happen overnight, yet I dislike how the issues of beauty was interpreted in order to fit in with society’s standards of beauty and to make her feel more worthy of the male lead with everyone encouraging her to undergo certain changes and then praising her when she finally fit in., watching that drama we all could agree that she is cute and beautiful even with the braces and curly hair, yet I understand the message they were trying to pass along and she Miao also taught if she change and become more beautiful like most girl in the campus, You Nian would fall in love with her without her realizing she affect him as much as he do to her, not only did her physical appearance grow, the growth is her character really grow ad mature in any way that I keep cheering for her.

You Nian, that is one lead male character that is full of warmth and likes her since day one without judging or commenting about her appearance and he’s sweet/nice to everyone except those who tick him off or trying to get with his girl (which I love), one of the things I believe help Miao is that You Nian is someone who sticks to what he wants to do and this trait did help Miao Miao when she wants to switch her major to something that ‘she’ herself really wanted to do from the beginning, which sparked the change in Miao Miao and how hard-working she is in achieving her dreams.

The drama also focused on other couples Lin Kai Tuo, You Nian younger stepbrother and the issues between them is actually understandable as the drama focused on family issues such as Liang You Nian’s family. His father married Kai Tuo’s mother. For a while, this caused a disruption in the friend between Kai Tuo and You Nian. One misses their birth mother, and the other misses their birth father. As said before, this drama mentioned individual choices -such as majors in universities- if your family wants you to take this major, but your hearts wants something else then follow it cause that’s what Miao Miao ended up doing.

Another thing you do have to note is that there’s not quite a whole lot of character development for anyone except the female lead and most of the character still retained that immaturity they had when they were in high school and I feel like the acting in this drama is not top-notch the love and connection felt more real and it made me actually continue watching the drama, I love that this drama bring some emotion to the table, making me like their little quarrels and the way they argue with each other kinda makes me feel single.

Love Nafisa


  • Have you watch this drama and if yes what are your thought?
  • Do you know of others ways to discovering yourself?
  • Do you have any questions you’d like me to answer?

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