2022 Asian Drama Recommendation Worth Your Time

Nothing stirs up your emotions like an Asian drama, and we are recommending some Asian drama to watch for the first half of 2022.


Asian Drama recommendation for the year 2022.

Hi Listeer,

If you had been following Novellisteer since we start writing on a free platform, you definitely will have come across our love for Asian Drama.

While we are not like most people that focus on Korean drama or Chinese drama only, here at novellisteer – we watch dramas from Korea, China, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines and many more.

We are going to put you on to some drama that the novellisteer team recommend for you to watch this year and you can thank us later because we know you will, especially if you haven’t seen some of the Drama that we list out.

Some of the dramas on the list are not a 10, as they tend to be quite draggy yet we’re recommending them – cause when it comes to character development, theme, plot and emotion evoke they are loved.

Most of these Asian dramas can be found on Viki, Netflix, Youku, WeTv or IQiyi.

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20 Asian Drama recommendations for you to watch here at the Novellisteer

  1. The Sound of Magic (2022)
  2. Military Prosecutor Doberman (2022)
  3. Reset (2022)
  4. A Dream of Splendor (2022)
  5. KinnPorsche (2022)
  6. Tomorrow (2022)
  7. Who Rules The World (2022)
  8. Under the Skin (2022)
  9. Juvenile Justice (2022)
  10. Why Women Love (2022)
  11. Dear Doctor, I’m Coming for Soul (2022)
  12. Cutie Pie (2022)
  13. You’re My Sky (2022)
  14. Something in My Room (2022)
  15. To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories (2022)

Asian Drama recommendation

Korean Drama: The Sound of Magic (2022)

The Sound of Magic

The first time we saw The Sound of Magic trailer was on YouTube, since then it had been on our watch list. The attraction here was the park and of course Ji Chang Wook.

The Sound of Magic is a musical fantasy 6-episode Korean drama that focuses on 2 high school students who trust too easily and 1 magician each with their own problem. The magician’s true identity was kept a secret until the very end, which poses many questions, including whether all of this magic was actually real.

The team had reservations about the drama’s plot because there are only six episodes. But this is wholly untrue, both the plot and the script were fascinating and intriguing. It might have made viewers curious about what would happen next.

One thing, we agree upon is how trusting of the magician the female character was and honestly we can not blame her – in a world where she is all alone and need someone to vent out to, it makes sense she is trusting that one person that alone her to be the child that she is.

Korean Drama: Military Prosecutor Doberman (2022)

The writer in Military Prosecutor Doberman was able to carefully draw the arches, with angst, resentment, anger, intelligence, strength, and weakness. The plot elements used are definitely unique, from each of the cases fought in the legal battle, to the ones involving the characters’ personal affairs, and in fact the plots of conspiracy and retribution.

The 16-episode drama depicts instances of bullying in society, particularly in the context of the military, by focusing on issues like power struggles for a position, corruption, desertions from camps, unfair treatment, and—most importantly—the function of military prosecutors.

The character’s pacing felt a little off as if they were losing track of their objectives, and there was a tiny bit of drag in the final quarter, though it didn’t really detract from the overall experience. Military Prosecutor Doberman is a drama we love to watch again while skipping the dragging aspect of the drama

Asian Drama Military Prosecutor Doberman (2022)

Chinese Drama: Reset (2022)

Asian Drama  Reset (2022)

Reset is a “time-loop” drama, where a college student and a young game designer who are the protagonists mysteriously find themselves reliving a bus explosion every day. The story’s main themes are why this is happening to them and, more importantly, how they can break free from this terrible cycle.
The drama Reset turned out to be a very welcome surprise. It might not have the feel of a high-budget epic or colossal production with a star-studded ensemble cast. But with a strong script and storytelling technique, convincing acting with relatable characters, and a profoundly satisfying conclusion, it excels at the fundamentals.

Reset did a pretty good job of fusing different genres into its plot, fusing suspense with a slice of life and the whole person behind the deed. While elements of potential romantic chemistry lingered on the periphery, suspense and mystery predominated the story’s events. This drama, in our opinion, exceeded many viewers’ expectations.

Chinese Drama: A Dream of Splendor (2022)

A Dream of Splendor is enhanced with romance and politics to make it more appealing to today’s audience and by deviating from the main romance plot, the women’s story can be told properly, their relationship can mature, and they can both save each other and themselves, ultimately becoming masters of their own fate.

We adore how well it incorporates the majority of the supporting cast and a Dream of Splendor brings to life the renowned historical works of literature and art that served as inspiration for this story.
The romance was also very different from what we’re used to seeing in Chinese dramas because the two leads were mature adults rather than scared children. Because they were both older, their communication, flirting, admiration, and passion were much more mature and much needed.

Additionally, it exposed an older audience to the drama. Nobody awaited getting married before beginning an intimate connection. And even though the drama gave undue attention to the “pariah” status, it didn’t overshadow the intensity of the lead’s romance or the three women’s camaraderie and determination to succeed.

A Dream of Splendor

Thai Drama: KinnPorsche (2022)

Asian Drama KinnPorsche

This drama plot centres around the mafia family, more specifically the relationship between the son of the mafia and the person who serves as his bodyguard. It has great production, is easy-going and funny without losing its seriousness, and is obviously well-funded because everything is of the highest calibre. Even though we adore this drama there are still some points where you really do need to suspend disbelief in order to enjoy it.

This makes the show vulnerable, in our opinion. It was done with class and a sense of humanity. Yes, it was sexy, but it was also delicate. Watching each character’s love develop was so heartbreaking but equally so beautiful. It was flawlessly accompanied by the ideal scenery and outstanding cinematography.

The drama is an adaption of a novel, of the same name and yes the team here at novellisteer read the book (shh it’s a secret).

If you are questioning the series because it portrays a healthy relationship, you shouldn’t watch it. The series is intended for viewers who are old enough to recognize it for what it is and to distinguish between the morality and ethics of real life and those of an immoral fictional universe.

Korean Drama: Tomorrow (2022)

The movie “Tomorrow,” which focuses on suicide, was inspired by a webtoon that broadens people’s narrow perspectives by examining the bigger picture from the perspective of the spiritual world. Choi Joon-woong, the protagonist, emotionally connects the two worlds, and as a result, the insights and impulses of each world are shared.

This drama is occasionally naively playful. However, the subject is serious and profound. It’s not a happy show. More often than not, the story aims to touch, move, and provoke thought rather than move you with its fast-paced action. It also does.

Overall, the narrative style finds the right tenor and combination to successfully navigate the difficult, complex emotional terrain of conflict. Thus, it is done with care, sensitivity, and difference.

Tomorrow (2022)

Chinese Drama: Who Rules The World (2022)

Who Rules the World image

Who Rule The World is an immersive tapestry of a vivid jianghu that transcends the borders of the 7 kingdoms, with equal parts traditional wuxia, grandiose palace politics, epic warfare, and romantic love. Hei Feng Xi and Bai Feng Xi, two well-known martial artists, navigate the perilous world of antiquated politics and fierce rivalries while dealing with a cast of characters hell-bent on taking control of the entire world. The popular period-romance author Qing Ling Yue’s 2007 bestseller Qie Shi Tian Xia, which the novellisteer team had the opportunity to read, served as the basis for the story.

The production design, which makes the most of the gorgeous features in both the opulent indoor sets and the lush greenery of the outdoor shooting scenes, is a positive takeaway for us in terms of technical execution. The majority of the time, the choreography, special effects, and cinematography are all quite good.

The potential for the main villain’s origins and motivations were likely glossed over in favour of the grand finale because the final arc was rushed.

Chinese Drama: Under the Skin (2022)

In the 20-episode crime drama Under The Skin, a detective and a forensic criminal profiler reunite after a 7-year absence and work together to solve cases while learning the truth about the past. The drama is engrossing, exciting, and sentimental. It has a compelling story, stunning cinematography, and strong art direction.

The way the cases are resolved in Under The Skin sets it apart from other crime dramas. This crime drama focuses on forensic art, a topic that is rarely covered in other dramas, rather than simply going through the tracks and pieces of evidence like any other crime drama.

Although the case-solving procedure in this drama is fairly straightforward, it is still interesting. While still conveying the characters’ very real human emotions, each of the story arcs manages to be intricate and captivating. We adore how there is always a human element to every situation; the drama reveals each character’s fascinating backstory and helps you understand why they chose “THE” course of action.

In addition to having a solid script, every actor and actress in Under the Skin does an outstanding job on-screen. The lead actors, actresses, and supporting actors all do an exceptional job acting; they add such depth of emotion that the characters come to life.

Under the skin Chinese Drama

Korean Drama: Juvenile Justice (2022)

Juvenile Justice (2022)

Shim Eun Seok’s appointment as the head of the Yeonhwa District Court’s Juvenile Criminal Settlement Division is the focus of the character-driven legal thriller Juvenile Justice. As she presides over a variety of extremely complex and convoluted cases, her profound hatred of juvenile offenders serves as the backdrop for her approach to delivering justice to the minors accused in court.

This drama’s bold treatment of the difficult and staggering psychological and social issues surrounding juvenile delinquency, the juvenile court system, and its effects on victims, juvenile offenders, their families, and even society as a whole is what we find most endearing.

Chinese Drama: Why Women Love (2022)

Finally, a Chinese drama older-younger couple we love to recommend, as this was a drama that was done right in terms of the age gap and romance, another that was done right was The Rational Life, Romance is a bonus book and Search www.

A good, humorous romantic comedy without too much confusion or strife is Why Women Love. The creation of the Love Note app is the main topic of the narrative. Additionally, viewers of this app receive numerous pieces of love advice at the conclusion of each episode. They are very fascinating. A true romantic comedy is “Why Women Love” throughout the entire drama, love is pervasive. If you like romance as the main plot, it’s fantastic.

Even though there are a lot of episodes, the relationship and story moved along at a delightful clip. The fact that the male lead and female lead were equally attractive, kind and caring, intelligent, and excellent emoters made this drama at the top of our list of dramas to watch again. The chemistry was incredible and we thought the skin ship was fantastic, thrilling, and organically done.

Why Women Love (2022)

Thai Drama: Dear Doctor, I’m Coming for Soul (2022)

Dear Doctor, I'm Coming for Soul (2022)

This is such a unique idea, as the plot is around a doctor who is attempting to save his patients and develops a romance with a reaper who is both his enemy and (eventually) lover in this story

With better writing and directing, it could have been fantastic. We believe that it is not the actors’ fault that certain characters’ words or actions occasionally came across as awkward or annoying.
Another thing is that we don’t think it’s appropriate for two reputable doctors to compete for the director position, that their characters are simply portrayed as somewhat immature. Despite being two extremely intelligent people, they frequently seemed to lack logic or common sense.

Thai Drama: Cutie Pie (2022)

The series’ basic premise is that of an arranged marriage between two men. A younger man who tries to hide and present himself as the ideal heir because he comes from old money and an older, workaholic who seems quite cold. The series’ central message is that poor communication can (and will) destroy relationships and that sometimes having the courage to be who you are, takes a lot of guts.

Cutie Pie discusses the value of equal marriage, prejudice and social stigma associated with a relationship between two people who are a great deal older than one another and of the same gender. This series also demonstrates that society still does not understand how to value diversity.

Finally, we believe it to be a series of high-quality, character-centred love, and profound social commentary and the best part is that is a 12 episodes drama.

Cutie Pie (2022)

Thai Drama: You’re My Sky (2022)

You're My Sky (2022)

This drama follows the life of 3 couples with different trajectories but with a shared passion for sports as they confront their genuine emotions. Friends since childhood, the couple comes across as rather one-sided and the kind of relationship that other viewers believe shouldn’t last.

Overall, the internal struggles are not overly dramatic. But the story as a whole is permeated by the approach to reality and the taste of uncertainty. While love is new and vibrant, it also comes with difficulties that the aforementioned contentious couple, in particular, finds difficult to handle.

We adore how they include a transgender person in the drama who is actually portrayed as just another human alongside the other very human characters. Dome and Wee, are a couple whose relationship has the most influence on us due to their simplicity and complexity at the same time. When you run into the right person at the wrong time, do you allow your emotions to wane and eventually disappear from your life?

Thai Drama: Something in My Room (2022)

This isn’t just a cute ghost meets boy story; it also explores how things don’t always turn out as we had hoped, the need to embrace joy when you can find it and let go of the tragedies we’ve all had to face, as well as when moving on from something isn’t possible entirely.

The writing is excellent and reflects the author’s personality in its realism. There are no villains or heroes; instead, the characters are complex and flawed, unlike 2D archetypes. The plot is well-planned and avoids a cliched conclusion.

There aren’t any worn-out clichés that seem to clog every BL, which is a nice change in the writing’s respect for the audience’s intelligence. The two leads are fully developed individuals who respond to circumstances like regular people. They don’t fit neatly into two seme/uke boxes. Even the guardian spirit of the house is a nuanced individual.

For those, who are sick of engineer/medical students, poorly written plots, bad acting, bad directing, and the typical Thai BL clichés, the show was an excellent BL proposal.

Something in My Room

Korean Drama: To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories (2022)

To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories (2022)

The sequel to To My Star (2020), To My Star 2: Our Untold Stories (2022), makes us feel a lot of different emotions, mostly pain, but in a good way. Well-timed flashbacks, music, and lighting help to create this well-balanced tale of love, regret, growth, and loss done right. Since they do a great job depicting the happily ever after that followed the first season, but not exactly.

The majority of the original cast has been retained for this season, but a ton of new, incredibly endearing characters have also been added. These characters help to sweeten the story’s bitterness. I liked that it actually had a plot, which was one aspect of it. we kind of detest the empty fanservice type of sequels, even though many people wanted more fluff and the couple to be all cute.

We really liked how unpolished this was. It was fascinating to watch these characters battle on their own. A couple includes both individuals and a pair. While they might have an impact on the dynamics between two people, some problems are personal, and their roots can be found elsewhere.

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