15 Reason Why You Should Start Journaling

Hi Friend! I like to consider myself a writer, not the kind you are thinking of But the kind that write everything down, which lead…


I like to consider myself a writer, not the kind you are thinking of But the kind that write everything down, which lead me to keep a journal and morning page, down in the future I will start an evening page.

If you ask me

Nafisa, Why do you like writing everything down?

My answer will usually be

I have a short term memory cause the real answer is a long very expressive reason as I will mention below

Journaling has been a big part of me since I am the only one who kept a journal among my physical friends.

Let cut down to the chase here are some benefit of Journal-ling or morning page.

Journaling had always been that place for me that I feel like I could write all my idea, jokes and sadness without someone judging me or criticizing me, apart from my head.

Keeping a journal involves writing down your thoughts or whatever that comes to mind any moment of time, there is so many type of journal available not in design but in goal ranging from daily journal to gratitude journal, selecting one all depends on your personality or what you plan to achieve with that.

Journaling has been a positive effect on certain area of my lives.

Finding my ikigai was one of the best things Journaling had bought to my life Do you keep a journal or write a morning page, they both don’t have to be fancy except you are into pretty stationery.

So how did journal-ling improve my life as a person and help me to be a better version of myself

1. Clarity

Keeping a journal, free your mind, letting all the thoughts out occasionally for me cause my mind is faster than my hand and thus make room for clarity and reason.

2. Help you become more expressive

You will learn to be more open about your feelings, finding the rights words to describe them, start understanding them better and also helps in improving your vocabulary little by little.

3. Makes you less anxious

Journal-ling like i said had improve my communication skill while also keeping me ground in events and lecturing me on why i deserve that moment as much as that person.

4. Improve your communication skills

Honestly, I was never the outspoken person, yet starting a journal consistently not the “DEAR DIARY” one, you will feel more comfortable with sharing more and speaking your mind to other people.

5. Develop your habit while creating discipline

There are times you don’t feel like writing your morning page not for laziness but for lack of word, but once you decided to hell with words and yes to habit, this we improve your willpower mind you i started morning page this year.

6. Give you more insight into knowing yourself better

By writing consistently, you will start to dig into your true self, finding things i didn’t you didn’t know existed from desires, ideas, sadness, worries, dreams, talents, fears or creativity.

7. Help you think better

As they said writing is a creative process, that helps engages your brain – both the left and the right side, leading you to know yourself through writing in the morning, your hates and dislike.

8. Your emotion becomes clearer

Putting your emotions( negative & positive ) on paper helps you to figure out what to stop and start doing to move on while helping you understand the origin of your fears, worries and doubts, which then you can think of ways to work it out.

9. You becomes someone full of idea both weird & sane one (idea generator)

In the beginning,you will been lose for words, thinking that your idea had to be complex, brainstorming and elaborate, but with time you will find yourself coming up with simple idea and thought to write leading to some many ideas from business to life, this was something i never expected thought there are also terrific ones.

10. Improve your writing

After a while of writing, the words will flow out much better, able to write more than one lines of words daily, little by little, you will get to a page and do it faster, not only become a better writer and more expressive, but will generate more ideas, better imagination and will live more passionately.

11. Help you to understand yourself mentally

Journal-ling lets you to be less overwhelmed, relaxed and peaceful for the day, writing out your experiences and stuff that’s bothering you, and letting you to get over them, or letting them stay in the past and move on.

12. Help me to discover my creativity & ikigai

Finding my ikigai (reason of living) was the best thing that had to happen to me (one of the best), you will be able to figure out all this, by looking back at some of the thing in your journal.

13. Your issues becomes clearer

When writing, you will start to realize that some of the things you write about have a lot in common. which you can then contemplate on to see some problems in my life, which you can now work on and sort out.

14. Better sleep and less stress.

After letting out your thoughts, your mind becomes more relax, without going through daily problems and worries over and over again, and that give you a better and relax attitude during sleep, you also be able to think of new ways to do regular stuff, and tackle big ideas more effectively.

15. Improve your Gratitude.

Journal-ling allows you to share what you’re thankful for. It can be as simple as ‘write one things you’re grateful for right now’, by doing this you start focusing on what you already have in your life, you feel good about it and appreciate it and finding happiness in it.

I hope these are enough to convince you to give journaling a try.

Let Chat

  • What other benefits of journaling do you know of?
  • Which of these benefit are the most important?
  • Where do buy your stationary from?

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